İsa Kayaalp

Araştırmacı, Yazar

01 Ocak, 1954
İstanbul Grand İslâm Institute

Researcher and writer (b. 1 January 1954, Sungurlu / Çorum). He completed his primary education in his own country. He attended İstanbul İmam-Hatip High School (1974), Eyüp High School (1977), and graduated from İstanbul Grand İslâm Institute (1978). His PhD thesis was on “Halkla İlişkilerde Dilin İşlevi” (The Function of language in the Public Relations (1996). After serving as an officer in the Sümerbank purchase-sale Department for a while, He worked as a ruler and teacher in various state schools in İstanbul and Notre Dame de Sion Private French School for Girls.  He studied English education in Ankara Foreign Language Education Center for State Officers (1985-86). When he was a teacher in Kadir Has High School, he has charged in the Copyright and Redaction Commission for İslâm Encyclopedia which was prepared by Türkiye Diyanet Foundation (1987-). He completed his master thesis by writing a research called “I. Ahmed ve Divanı” (Ahmed the First and his Divan*, 1991), and his PhD thesis on “Halkla İlişkilerde Dilin İşlevi” (The Function of language in the Public Relations, 1996).

Starting from 1976, he wrote essays and critiques which were published in Düşünce (1976), Sedir (1980), Hizmet (1994) ve Diyanet (2004) Reviews and Newspapers. He published Hizmet Review and also worked as an editor in that Review (1994-1997). In 1998, he was awarded in the category of language by Writers’ Union of Turkey with his work called İletişim ve Dil (The Communication and the Language). He has been a member of Communication and Language Foundation and Writers’ Union of Turkey.


Halimiz Bir Lisan (Our Condition is a Language, 1987), Sultan Ahmed ve Divanı (Sultan Ahmed the First and his Divan* 1994), Bir de Böyle Düşünsek (What about Thinking in That Way, 1996), İletişim ve Dil (Communication and Language, 1998), Sultan Ahmed Divanı'nın Tahlili (The Analysis of Sultan Ahmed’s Divan*, 1999), Eğitim Düşüncesi ve İletişim Kültürü (The Idea of Education and the culture of Communication, 2002), Eğitimde İletişim Dili (Communication Langugae in Education, 2002), İletişimde İnsan Dili (The Peoples Language in Communication, 2002), Dinde İletişim Dili (The Communication Language in Religion, 2004), Ailede İletişim Dili (The Communication Language in Family, 2005).



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