Yusuf Ziya Cömert

Gazeteci, Yazar

02 Haziran, 1959
Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences

Journalist-writer, translator. He was born on June 2, 1959 in Düzköy / Şalpazarı / Trabzon (Istanbul in registry card). He began with his primary school education and completed it in Diyarbakir; and began with his secondary school education in Lüleburgaz but completed in Balıkesir. After completing Balıkesir Imam Hatip High School, he was enrolled at Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy; then at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences and at METU preparatory class in order to learn English.

He was always within the literature and art circles in Ankara and Istanbul. His first publication was a story at Ütopya journal published by Ahmet Çiğdem and his friends (1982). Then he continued to publish his stories in Mavera journal. He started to work at foreign news service in Zaman newspaper (1986). After a short while, he was appointed as the foreign news director. He has translated many articles for Insan Publications’ 4 volume İslam Düşünce Tarihi encyclopedia. He started to publish the monthly literature thought and ideas journal Kayıtlar with his friends Ramazan Dikmen, Ömer Lekesiz, Ahmet Şirin, Hasan Aycın, Cemal Şakar, Necip Tosun (1989). He worked as the editor-in-chief for four years in this journal and published his own stories and essays. His articles were also published in Nehir journal and in İzlenim journal, of which he was the editor-in-chief while it was weekly and as the editor while it was monthly. He worked as an editor at Ses Publications in 1993.

When İzlenim was turned into a monthly journal, he worked as editor. When the Kış family who owned İzlenim journal has purchased Yeni Şafak newspaper (1995), he participated in the establishment of this newspaper and became the executive editor. He wrote weekly columns and trip articles and conducted interview in this newspaper; and continued his work as general executive coordinator since 2005.


RESEARCH: Patani Dosyası (1983),

TRANSLATION: Çağdaş İslami Siyasi Düşünce (from Hamid İnayet, 1987), İslam ve Batı (from Perviz Mansur, with İhsan Durdu), İbretler Kitabı (memories, from Emir Üsame İbn Munkız, 1993).

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).



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