İffet Halim Oruz

Gazeteci, Yazar, Şair

İstanbul University Faculty of Economics

Poet and writer (b. 1904, İstanbul – d. 1993, İstanbul). She came from a family in Diyarbakır. She was the daughter of Saide Hanım, the sister of Süleyman Nazif. She was also the wife of General Halim Oruz. She attended İstanbul Erenköy High School for Girls and graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Economics. She worked at the Ministry of Commerce for some time and later served at the İstanbul Municipality, the Turkish Guild and the People's Houses. She established the Diyarbakır branch of the Union of Turkish Women and she was the chairwoman of the İstanbul branch of the association and the vice-chairwoman.

Her first articles were published in the newspaper Halk Sesi, in Diyarbakır, where her husband worked in 1927. She also published many articles in the newspaper Hakimiyet-i Milliye (1930-33) and she continued when the title of the newspaper was changed to Ulus. She began to publish the newspaper Kadın in 1947, and later she published it as a review for 32 years (111 issues, 1947-78). In her poems she mainly dealt with social issues and the main themes were being Turkish, heroism and patriotism. She analyzed the themes of women in her poems. However, what prevailed in her poetry most was the identity of nations and the identity of Turkish women and that the independence of women would be achieved with a republican regime. She is also famous for her oratory.


POETRY: Füsun (Füsun, 1928), Tul Daireleri (Circles of Tulle, 1931), Kışın Bahar (Spring in Winter, 1965).

PLAY: Burla (Burla, written in verse, 1933).

RESEARCH: Yeni Türkiye'de Kadın (Women in New Turkey, 1933), Türkiye'de Fiyat Murakabesi: Mevzuat ve Tatbikat (Price Inspection in Turkey: Legislation and Application, in collaboration with Sıtkı Yırcalı, 1944), Atatürk Döneminde Türkiye'de Kadın Devrimi (The Women’s Revolution in Turkey During Ataturk’s Era, 1986).

SPEECH: Arkadaşlar! (Friends! 1936).



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