Yunus Nadi (Abalıoğlu)

Gazeteci, Siyasetçi, Yazar

Galatasaray High School

Journalist-writer, politician (b. 1880, Fethiye / Muğla – d. 1945, Geneva / Switzerland). He is a member of Abalızade family and father of journalist-writer Nadir Nadi and Doğan Nadi. He graduated from Galatasaray High School (Galatasaray) and studied at School of Law for a time. His career as a journalist started in his school days and he worked in the newspaper Malumat. He was arrested in 1901 because of his participation in the movements that were opposite to Abdülhamit II rule and was exiled to Midilli Island. He continued his job after having returned to İstanbul after the announcement of Second Constitutional Monarchy. He worked in the newspapers İkdam and Tasviri Efkâr at this time. He was elected Aydın deputy to the Ottoman Parliament in 1911.

He published his first newspaper Yeni Gün at the last periods of the World War I. When İstanbul administration was not pleased with his publications and closed his newspaper, he went to Ankara and continued publishing his newspaper. He was elected İzmir deputy between 1920 and 1923 and became one of the first deputies of Turkish Grand National Assembly. He started to publish the newspaper Cumhuriyet since 1924. He was editor in Cumhuriyet until his death. Yunus Nadi Award was established by the newspaper Cumhuriyet for memorializing him after his death.


İhtilal ve İnkılab-ı Osmanî (Ottoman Revolution and Reform, 1908), Ali Galip Hadisesi (Ali Galip Incident, 1955), Çerkez Ethem Kuvvetlerinin İhaneti (The Betrayal of Çerkez Ethem Forces, 1955), Mustafa Kemal Paşa Samsun'da (Mustafa Kemal Paşa in Samsun, 1955), Kurtuluş Savaşı Anıları (Memoirs of the War of Independence, 1978).



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