Yiğit Bener

Roman Yazarı, Çevirmen, Yazar

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Eşref Yiğit Bener

Novelist, translator. He was born in Brussels / Belgium in 1958. His full name is Eşref Yiğit Bener. He is the son of writer Erhan Bener. His uncle is writer Vüs’at O. Bener, painter Fikret Otyam, musician Nedim Otyam and poet Nusret Otyam are his uncles. He completed his primary and secondary education in Paris and Ankara, where he rushed from pillar to the post between. While he was the final year student at Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, he went abroad after September 12, 1980. He worked in several positions such as babysitting, consultant of immigrant problems, chief-in-editor of international foreign policy journal, media consultancy, conference interpretation and lectureship at university in Brussels and Paris.

His first story (Yabancılar), was published in Çağdaş Türk Dili journal (1991); whereas his articles and essays on literature, art, politics or daily life were published in several journals. He translated books of Laciavetine, Michaux, Keltes, Mandel from French into Turkish language. He continues with his work in Istanbul.


NOVEL: Eksik Taşlar (2001).

TRANSLATION: İstanbul’da Bir Fransız Sarayı (from J. M. Casa,  1995), Usulca (from J. M. Lachavetin, 1995), Toplu Oyunları  / Batı Rıhtımı-Zenciyle İtlerin Dalaşı (B. M. Koltes’den,1999), Marksizm ve Estetik (from M. Lequenne, 2000), Gecenin Ucuna Yolculuk (from L. F. Céline, 2002).

 REFERENCE: Fethi Naci / Yeni Bir Romancı -1 (Cumhuriyet Kitap, 15.2.2001), Fethi Naci / Yeni Bir Romancı-2 (Cumhuriyet Kitap, 22.2.2001), Her Bener’in Roman Yazışı Farklı, Bu... Yiğit Bener - Fethi Naci / Yeni Bir Romancı-3  (Cumhuriyet Kitap, 1.3.2001), Neslihan Savaş / Eksik Taşlar (Radikal Kitap 11.7.2002), Levent Cinemre / Eksik Taşlar (Cumhuriyet Kitap, 1.8.2002), TBE Ansiklopedisi (ed. 2, vol. 1, 2003), İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).


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