Yaşar Miraç


09 Eylül, 1953
Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Poet (b. 9 September 1953, Trabzon). His real name is Miraç Çolak. He attended Trabzon High School and graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1970). After working as a journalist in Trabzon, he went to Germany in 1973 in order to study fro his master’s. He worked as teacher in Gelsenkirchen. He was part of the editorial board of the magazine Yenidil (10 issues, 1989-90). He directed the art newspaper Yeni Türkü (Ankara, 3 numbers), 1978 in Turkey to where he returned that December. He established the magazine and publishering house called Yeni Türkü in İstanbul. He continues his artistic studies in Germany. He is a member of the Writers Union of Turkey and the Language Society.

His first poem was published in a Trabzon newspaper Bayraktar (8 August 1966). His other poems, which were inspired by the folklore of the Black Sea, were published in magazines such as Militan, Sanat Emeği, Türk Dili, Yusufçuk, Adam Sanat, Milliyet Sanat after 1975. Many of his poems have been set to music and some of them have been translated into various languages worldwide. After the 1980 Military Coup d’etat, some of his poetry collections were banned for a long time; however they was permitted again after the appeals that were started. He won the 1978 Ministry of Culture and Tourism Semi-Documentary Short Film Script Award with his script Kemençenin Türküsü (The Ballad of the Fiddle) and the 1980 Turkish Language Association Poetry Award with his first book Trabzonlu Delikanlı (A Young Man from Trabzon). He shared the first prize with Ali Cengizkan in the 1982 Abdi İpekçi Friendship and Peace Poetry Award with Dilsiz Sevdalılar (Silent Lovers). He also won the 1989 Trabzon Journalist Association Art Award.

WORKS (Poetry)

Trabzonlu Delikanlı (A Young Man from Trabzon, 1979), Şili ile Söyleşi (Conversation with Şili, 1979), Gül Ekmek (Rose Bread, 1980), Taliplerin Ağıdı (Threnody of Suitors, 1980), Çan Deresi Türküleri (Ballads of the Çan Valley, 1981), İçli Şarkılar (Touching Songs, 1981), Trabzon'dan Çıktım Yola (I Set Off from Trabzon, 1981), İstanbul Bir Kırmızı Gül (İstanbul is a Red Rose, Germany, 1985), Yurdumun İşçileri (Laborers of My Homeland, Germany, 1985), Barış Güllerinin Gümüş Denizi (Silver Sea of Peace Roses, 1986), Güleriz Ağlanacak Halimize (We Laugh at Our State Instead of Crying, 1988), Karadeniz Hırçın Kız (The Black Sea Is a Naughty Girl, 1988), Baleylim (Baleylim, poetry and photo album, with Çerkes Karadağ, 1997), Lazcaz (Lazcaz, 1999), Deli Dumrul Sarı Yıldız (Cazy Dumrul Yellow Star, 1999).


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