Yasin Ceylan

Akademisyen, Felsefeci, Yazar

15 Şubat, 1950
Faculty of Divinity, Faculty of Arts

He was born in 1950 in the south-eastern city of Urfa. He received a religious education in Mardin, Diyarbakir and Erzurum. He graduated from both Faculty of Divinity in 1973 and Faculty of Arts in 1975. He resumed his post-graduate studies in the University of Edinburgh where he completed his doctoral dissertation in 1980. The subject matter of his thesis is mainly some controversial issues between Muslim theologians and philosophers in the works of the twelfth century scholar Fahkr al-din al-Râzi. He has published various articles at home and abroad on topics that relate to the problems of the Muslim world versus Western civilization. He currently teaches philosophy courses as professor of history at the Middle-East Technical University.

Here are the titles of some of his publications:

1.           "Some Remarks on Al-Farabi's Views on the Relationship Between Philosophy and Religion", Islamic Studies, Spring 1994, pp.77-81.

2.           "Al-Gazali Between Rationalism and Mysticism" Studies in Spirituality, 4/1994, pp.5-11.

3.           “Islam and Global Dialogue", Sensus Communis İn Multi-and Intercultural Perspective: On the Possibility of Common Judgements in Arts and Politics, Heinz Kimmerle/henk Oesterling (editors), Königshausen &Neumann, 2000, pp.129-140.

4.           "The Conflict between State and Religion in Turkey", Civil Society, Religion and the Nation, Modernization in Interculteral Context: Russia japan, Turkey, Gerrit Steunebrink, Evert van der Zweerde (editors), Studies in Inercultural Philosophy 14, Rodopy, Amsterdam-New York 2004.

5.           TAfsir and Theology in the major Works of Fakhr al- Din al-Râzi, Kuala Lumpur 1996.

6.           "Religion and Modern Man", Contemporary Philosophy: A New Survey,Volume 10 kitabı içinde, Guttorm Fløistad (Ed.), Springer, 2010, s. 341-367.

7.           Din ya da Politika Neden Felsefe?, Phoenix Yayınevi, Ankara, Eylül 2011.


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