İbrahim Sadri

Tiyatro Oyuncusu, Tiyatro Yönetmeni, Şair

Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Department of Business Administration

Poet and writer (b. 1963, İstanbul). He graduated from Kasımpaşa High School (1980) and then he graduated from Anadolu University, Open Education Faculty, Department of Business Administration (1989). After leaving his education at İstanbul University, School of Business Administration (1983) for two years he was the director of the Gece Oyuncuları (Night Players) theater group (1985-87) that he established when he was chief editor at the review Selam. With one of his friends, he established and managed Atlas Gösteri, a company involved in different art activities (1987). He was an art consultant for the review Kitap for a while in 1988. In addition to his play directing, he has acted with different groups. He has hosted talk-show programs on the TV Channel 7 and Türkiye Newspaper Radio and Television Corporation and released poetry cassettes.

His poems and humorous articles were published in Mavera (1985-88), Gurbet (1986), Yeni Devir (1986), Millî (1986-87), Kitap (1986-89) newspapers and reviews.


GROUP THEATER: Mu'te Destanı (Epic Poem of Mu’te, 1986), Hicret (The Hegira, 1987), İşte Afganistan (Here is Afghanistan!, 1987), Şube Bizim Dünya (Our World is a Department, 1988), Patagonyanın Sesi (The Sound of Patagonia, 1988), Mekke Fethi (Conquest of Mecca, 1988), Falan Filan Mesela (Such and Such For Example, 1989).

HUMOR: Cihad Köfte Salonu (Jihad Meatball Cafe, 1990).

PLAY: İnsanlar ve Soytarılar (People and Buffoons, play and publishing, 1986), Efendi Hayrettin (Sir Hayrettin, play, 1987), Sanat Manata Karşı (Art vs. Art, play, 1987), Garangol (Garangol, play, 1987).

POETRY: Memleket Havaları (Country Tunes).

OTHER WORKS: Adam Gibi (Like a Man), Paramız Yoksa da Haysiyetimiz Var (We Don’t Have Money but We Have Self-esteem), Sepia (Sepia).



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