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Öykü Yazarı

20 Ağustos, 1952
Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography Department of Turkish Language and Literature
Diğer İsimler
İbrahim Çelik

Storywriter (b. 20 August 1952, Çiçekdağı / Kırşehir). His real name is İbrahim Çelik. He completed his secondary education in Kırıkkale and graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1980). From 1980 he worked as a teacher at schools in Kütahya, Adapazarı and Ankara and from 1997 he worked as a branch officer of the National Library and as an assistant at Beyazıt State Library. In 2000 he retired.

His first stories, Tüneller, Ateş (Tunnels, Fire), were published in Edebiyat review. In the following years his essays, stories and studies were published in Edebiyat (1980-84), Mavera (1984), İlim ve Sanat (1986-88) and Hece (1997) reviews. He is publication director of Hece and Heceöykü reviews, which he established with his friends in 1997. He was selected as the storywriter of the year for his work Gülşefdeli Yemeni (Flat-Leeded Shoe) by the Writers Union of Turkey in 1998. His work called Ateş (Fire) has been translated into Bosnian and Giden Gün Ömründendir (The Day that Passes is from Your Life), Gülşefteli Yemeni (Flat-Leeded Shoe) and Ana Üşümesi (Mother’s Feeling Cold) have been translated into Albanian. He uses an effective exposition style and a simple language in his stories. His usage of Turkish is fastidious and conscientious. His stories successful illustrate the inner world of his characters living in the modern world. He deals with cultural problems in his works on literature.


SHORT STORY: Tüneller (Tunnels, 1983), Gülşefdeli Yemeni (Flat-Leeded Shoe 1998), Ana Üşümesi (Mother’s Being Cold, new arrangement of “Tunnels”, 1999), Aşkın Hâlleri (Condition of Love, 1999), Kırklar Cemi (Cem in his Forties, 2000).

ESSAY-STUDY: Bir Yağmur Türküsü (A Rain Song, 1999), Öykümüzün Hikâyesi (Story of Our Story, 2000), Asaf Halet Çelebi Kitabı (Book of Asaf Halet Çelebi, with İlyas Dirin and Şaban Özdemir, 2003), Teori ve Eleştiri (Theory and Critique, 2004), Dil ve Düşünce (Language and Thought, preparation, 2004).


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