Hüseyin Daniş

Yazar, Şair

31 Mart, 1943
Institution Française
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Hüseyin Daniş Pedram, Daniş

Poet and writer (b. 1870, İstanbul – 31 March 1943, Ankara). He took the surname Pedram after the surname law was brought in to force. He used the pen name Dâniş in his poetry. His father was from Iran. He graduated from elementary school, attended the School of Politics for one year and the Institution Française in Beyoğlu for two years.  He studied under Haci Rıza Kuli-yi Horasani and Hacı Mirza Mehdi-i Tebrizi at the Iranian School where he went to improve his Arabic and French. He joined the writers of the newspaper İkdam in 1894. He was the tutor of Prince Sabahattin and Lütfullah Bey. He escorted the Princes and their father Damat Mahmut Celalettin Paşa who went to Europe secretly in 1899 and he stayed in France, England, Switzerland, Italy and Egypt for fourteen months. He entered the Administration of Public Debts as a translator after he returned and stayed in this post for twenty-three years and was promoted to chairmanship of the Translation Office. Meanwhile, he taught Persian at Galatasaray High School and Persian and Persian literature history at İstanbul University. He was elected the Azerbaijani parliamentary deputy to the Iranian National Assembly by the people of Tebriz in 1910 but he could not take his seat. He established the Persian newspaper Süruş in İstanbul with Aka Mirza Ali Ekber Han. After he resigned from İstanbul University, he joined the İstanbul branch of the Ottoman Bank as a translator upon the closure of Administration of Public Debts in 1923. He taught Persian and Turkish literature at Tehran University in 1934. In the same year, he was appointed the Iranian Ambassador of Turkey when Rıza Şah Pehlevi traveled to Turkey. He was the Press Attaché when he died. He is buried in Üsküdar, İstanbul.

Hüseyin Daniş published his poetry and articles mainly in Servet-i Fünun*. He translated from French and Persian. He also wrote poems and articles in Persian. He is known for his research on Persian literature and translations of the quatrains of Omar Hayyam.


POETRY: Hediye-i Sal (Gift of the Year, Persian, 1914), Kunckâvi der Zerdüşt (Persian, 1918), Kârvân-ı Ömür (The Caravan of Life, 1925).

OTHER: Neva-yı Sarîr (articles and other translations, 1897), Serâmedan-ı Suhan (Persian poetry anthology, 1912), Talim-i Lisan-ı Farsi (Persian Language Practices, 4 books, 1915-16), Münazaratım (My Thoughts, discussion with F. Köprülü, 1919), Fransızca-Türkçe Hukukî ve Medenî Lügat (Law and Modern Dictionary of French-Turkish, 1934).

His translations were also published.



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