Hüseyin Atay


Baghdad Theology Faculty

Theologian. He was born in Ikızdere village / Guneyce / Rize (1930). He received training from his father and his uncle to become a hafız. He continued with his third and fourth year education in his hometown and fifth grade at Istanbul Kadirga Primary School. He learned Arabic and completed Kumkapı Secondary School. He learned all the sciences taught at Istanbul madrasahs, and also sciences which were not in the curriculum. He received “Rhetoric” lessons from teachers and read “El-Mirkat”. He learned Qur’an meanwhile and read Tecvid. He went to Baghdad in 1948 and attended high school there. He graduated from Baghdad Theology Faculty in 1954 with the first degree. During his education at the faculty, he received private lessons from the professors at Baghdad about several Islamic sciences for six years.

After he returned Turkey and completed his military service, he became an assistant at Ankara University, Faculty of Theology, Chair of Islamic Philosophy (1956). He has completed his doctoral studies in 1960 with the thesis named “Kuran’a Göre İman Esaslarının Tespiti ve Müdafaası”. He prepared the translation of Qur’an with deceased Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yaşar Kutluay, which was published by the Directorate of Religious Affairs (1960-1961). He studied on Hebrew and Jewish Philosophy at the University of Jerusalem (1962-1964). He had an opportunity to research the translations of Islamic philosophy into the language of Hebrew and their impacts on Jewish thinkers and the transition of Islamic culture to Europe via the Jews. He has conducted scientific research at Chicago University about the Islamic Philosophy (1965-1967). After that completed his thesis for associate professorship titled “Farabi ve İbni Sina’ya Göre Yaratma” and became an associate professor (1968) and began to teach Kelam.

He also taught Islamic Law Philosophy for five years from 1969 onwards. He also taught classical logic lectures at Konya Institute of Higher Islam between 1969-1971. He has submitted the paper named “Kuran ve Hadis’te Aile Planlaması” at the congress in Rabat “İslam’da Toplumun Gelişmesi ve Aile Planlaması” on December 26, 1971. He also taught Fundamentals of Islam between 1973-1974 and became a professor in 1974. Then, he was elected as the Chair of Kelam Science. He went to America with a scholarship of Harvard University Family Planning Center and he conducted research on family planning, morals, religion and law. He attended as a manager to the seminars about “Status of Islam Facing the Changing Society” conducted at Chicago University between the years 1975-1976. He published the “Ottomans” section of his work he submitted for this paper, namely “Higher Education of Religion in Turkey”. He participated in a congress at Baghdad named “Farabi and Human Civilization Congress” with his paper named “Creation in Farabi’s Works” (1975). He worked as the Director of Faculty of Theology, Islamic Research Institute between the years 1979-1984. He organized “First Islamic Sciences Congress” (1979) and “Second Islamic Sciences Congress” (1981).

 He worked as the Dean of AU Faculty of Theology (1980-1982) and he organized “Atatürk’ün 100. Doğum Yılında Türkiye 1. Din Eğitimi Semineri” in 1981. He participated to “International Ibni Sina Symposium” with his paper named “Mahiyet ve Varlık Ayırımı” (1983). He worked as Director of Seyhulislam Ibn Kemal Paşa Research Center (1984-1985) in Tokat and organized “First Symposium on Ibn Kemal Paşa”. He was the scientific head of the cultural agreement signed between the Ministry of National Education and North Westphalian State, Germany (1985). He has attended at UNESCO Imam Gazali and Musa b. Meymun symposium in Paris (1985).

He worked as a lecturer at Saudi Arabia King Fahd Petroleum and Minerals University (1985-1989). He has attended to several symposiums and meetings during this period: “Family Planning and Residence Congress” in Egypt (March 1987); Jordan Yermuk University “Congress on Finance Politics in the First Islamic State” (April 1987); “New York UN Family Planning Experts Committee” meeting (April 1987); and to the symposium of “el-Hadaretu’l İslamiyyetu’s Saniye, el-Multeka’s Salis ve’l İşrun” in Algeria (1989). He worked as the program head of Malaysia International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization in 1992. He attended to the meetings of Ulemai’d Din ve’d Dirasati’s Sükkaniye’nin Tahlilu’l Usre fi’l Cumhuriyeti’t Türkiye at Cairo in 1992, 1996, 1997 and 1998. He attended Repentance in The Quran meeting at Bologna University (1996) and Interreligious Dialogue meeting at Jordan Ehlu’l Beyt University. He gave a conference in Barcelona under the title “Higher Education of Religion in Turkey” (1997). He worked as a lecturer at AU Faculty of Theology (1990-1997) and retired in 1997. He continued teaching graduate lectures at the same university from 1998 onwards. He has published works and approximately hundred articles in national and international journals (1959-1998).


RESEARCH: Kuran ve Hadis’de İman Esasları (1960), Kuran’a Göre İman Esasları (1961), İzahlı ve Tatbikatlı Modern Arapça I-II (with İbrahim Atay ve Yakup İskender, 1962 - 1964), Arapça-Türkçe Büyük Lügat (with İbrahim ve Mustafa Atay, 1964), Telaffuzlu Yeni Arapça-Türkçe Sözlük (with İbrahim ve Mustafa Atay, 1965), Usul ül-Fıkh’ın Doğuşu / İslam Hukuk Felsefesine Önsöz (1973), Yahova Şahitliği’nin İç Yüzü (with Dr. A.Arslan Aydın, (1973), Farabi ve İbni Sina’ya Göre Yaratma (1974), İslam’da İşçi ve İşveren İlişkileri (1979), Kuran’a Göre İslam’ın Temel Kuralları (1981), Osmanlılarda Yüksek Din Eğitimi - 1457-1924 (1983), İbni Sina’da Varlık Nazariyesi (1983), Ehli Sünnet ve Şia (1983), İslamın İnanç Esasları (1992), Kuran-ı Kerim ve Türkçe Anlamı - Meal (1993), Kuran’a Göre Araştırmalar I-III (ed. 2, 1997), Kuran’a Göre Araştırmalar IV (1995), Kuran’a Göre Araştırmalar V (1995), Kuran’da İman Esasları (ed. 5, 1998), Kuran’ın Reddettiği Dinler ve İslam’ın Siyasi Oluşumu (2001).

TRANSLATION: Kuran-ı Kerim ve Türkçe Anlamı (with Doç.Dr. Yaşar Kutluay, 1961-1987), Çağımızın İslam Felsefesi Anlayışı (from M. Mahdi, 1973), İslam Hukuku Felsefesi (from Abdulvahap Hallaf, 1973), Farabi’nin 3 Eseri (1974), Vahdet-i Vücut I (from M. Sabri, 1975), Vahdet-i Vücut II (from M. Sabri, 1975), Vahdet-i Vücut III (from M. Sabri 1975), Kelama Giriş (from Fahreddin Razi, 1978), Kuran / Türkçe Çeviri (1998).

REFERENCE: Dinde Reform ve Atatürk’ten Kesitler (2003), İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).



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