Hülya Aktaş

Öykü Yazarı

28 Kasım, 1956
Elazığ Primary School for Girls

Tale writer. She was born in Refahiye/ Erzincan on November 28, 1956. She is the sister of tale writer Cihan Aktaş. She completed her primary school education in different villages of Refahiye because of his father’s duty as a teacher. She graduated from Elazığ Primary School for Girls (1974) and worked as a primary school teacher in city center and in the villages of Sakarya. She had to resign from her duty in 1983, because she was wearing a head scarf. Beginning from 1985, she continued to work in a private institution in Istanbul.

She prepared woman’s pages in Yeni Devir and Millî Gazete (1983-85). Her tales were published in Aylık Dergi, Bu Meydan, Hüner, Dergâh, Kafdağı, Avrupa Günlüğü magazines. She was responsible for woman and kid pages of Bu Meydan magazine. She collected a part of her tales in Ter ve Tempo titled book of her in 2003.

“Hülya Aktaş presents the panorama of a life between country and city, ordinariness of city, in the simplicity and causality of country.” (A. Haydar Haksal)

Impressionism is dominant in her works. We can’t observe incident narration. There is not any tension that surrounds us and pulls us in to the story and telling. The density of complaining doesn’t let any critical or prospective perspective, insight to sprout. This situation also doesn’t create any “tragedy mood” not even a little bit. Writer always keeps a sincere and accepted view of emotions such as love, mercy, hate, pain, desire, astonishment in comparing, emotional analysis and place descriptions in her stories and wants to make readers to feel it by this way.” (Mukadder Değirmenci)

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