Turgut Zaim


09 Mayıs, 1975

Painter (B. 1906, Istanbul – D. 9th May 1974, Ankara). He was the father of painter Oya Katoğlu. His art education started in Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi (Istanbul State Fine Arts Academy) in the İbrahim Çallı workshop in 1923. Before he graduated, he went to Paris in 1930 to do studies on painting. Upon his return to Turkey, first he joined the Association of Independent Painters and Sculptors and then to D-Group in 1934. After 1932, he lived in Ankara. In 1939 he worked in Kayseri within a project called "Yurt Gezileri" (T.N. Country Trips) of the Cumhu­riyet Halk Party (CHP). He taught painting classes in various schools throughout his career and worked in the position of decorator in Ankara Devlet Tiyatrosu (T.N. Ankara State Theatre).

Due to his studies on folk and culture at Public Houses in the 1930s, he started to do studies on folkloric topics. Mostly villagers and nomads were subjected in his paintings. Free from geometric forms, he did paintings in plastic till the end of his life. He became one of the first artists who adopted a national approach in brevity and form by representing local features in his pictures such as Orta Oyunu (1935), Yörük Köyü (1957) and Yaylada Yörükler (1962) which are exhibited in İstanbul Devlet Resim ve Heykel Müzesi (Istanbul State Painting and Sculpture Museum) and he maintained it throughout his life. He won the second-runner up award in Devlet Resim ve Heykel Sergisi (T.N. State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions) in 1939 and 1957, and he won first-runner up award in 1958.


Devamını Gör