Turan Koç

Yazar, Şair

03 Mayıs, 1952
Ankara University Faculty of Islamic Law
Diğer İsimler
Davut Dağ

Poet and writer (b. 3 May 1952, Çivril village / Kayseri). He has also used the pen name Davut Dağ in his work. He attended Çevril village primary school and graduated from Kayseri İmam Hatip High School (1971), Sümer High School (1972) and Ankara University, Faculty of Islamic Law (1977). His doctorate thesis was,Ölümsüzlük Açısından Ruh Beden İlişkisi” (The Bond of Soul and Body from the Aspect of Eternality, 1990). He worked at the Ministry of Justice (1974-75), Nitrogen Industry General Directorate (1975-81) and the Meat and Fish Foundation Kayseri Meat Factories (1981-1984). In 1984 he began to work at Erciyes University, Faculty of Islamic Law and he became assistant professor and professor. He is now an instructor at this university.

His first poem “Ay” (Moon) was published in the journal Edebiyat (February, 1975), his other works have been mainly published in the journals Edebiyat, Diriliş, Manevra and Hece. His poems Kayıt (Record) and Dolu Gün (Full Day) were translated into English in 1992 and featured in the book “Modern Turkish Poetry”. He is member of the Turkish Philosophy Society and the Writers Union of Turkey. With his work Din Dili (Religion Language) he won the award of the Writers Union of Turkey in 1995 in the field of research.  


POETRY: Kan Gibi Vakte Düşen (Falling into Time Like Blood, 1980), Fetret Zamanları (Times of Interregnum, 1983), Ara Dönem (Interval, his first two books together, 1992).

RESEARCH: Ölümsüzlük Düşüncesi (Thought of Eternality, 1991), Din Dili (Religion Language, 1995).

ESSAY: Ceylan Kovalamak (To Chase a Gazelle, 1998).

ANTHOLOGY: Uluslararası Davud el-Kayseri Sempozyumu (International Symposium of Davud el-Kayseri, 1998).

He has also translated from English.



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