Turan Erol


Fine Arts Academy

Painter. Born in 1927, Milas / Muğla. He was student of Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu during his education in Fine Arts Academy between the years 1947–51. After his graduation he went to Paris with the scholarship he received from the French government. He was trained in engraving in Friedlandde's workshop.  After his return he was assigned as a painting teacher to Diyarbakır Ziya Gökalp High School (1952-60). Later he served as manager in various units of General Directorate of MEB (T.N. Ministry of National Education) Fine Arts (1960-65). Until his retirement in 1990 he served as an academic member in; Ankara Gazi Educational Institute Art Teaching Department (1963-73), Ankara University, Department of Press (1965-87), DTCF (Faculty of Language, History and Geography) (1976-78), Gazi University Faculty of Education Art Teaching Department (1983-1987) and Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting (1987-90).

Erol was one of the first appliers of the localness perspective, which appeared in the field of arts in 1960s. He worked on natural outlooks with a colorful and sentimental expression. He was influenced by the search of style of Far-Eastern arts and Western painters such as Braque, Bonnard and Vuillard. He reflected traces of lyric-abstract understanding in his works between the years 1962-66. During the same years he used the brush in a rapid way and with wide arm movements in his works such as Büyük Mor (1962) and Lüksemburg Parkı (1962), which was a similar way of expression to “Tachism”.

Erol, aside from his painting works, presided the Association of United Painters and Sculptors and directed the press organ of the association, the Sanat-Haber magazine. He wrote evaluation articles in this magazine about artistic issues (1972-75). Besides in various press organs he published articles and analysis writings about Turkish arts and its problems. He was awarded with the second rank in State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition in 1961, first rank in 1968, Achievement Award in 1971 TRT Painting Competition, Atatürk and Republic Award in 1973, Sedat Simavi Foundation Visual Arts Prize in 1980, Ankara Arts Fair in 2003 and ÇAGSAV Honor Awards, Artist Prize. 


Günümüz Türk Resminin Oluşum Sürecinde Bedri Rahmi Eyuboğlu / Yetişme Koşulları, Sanatsal Kişiliği (1983), Başlangıcından Bugüne Çağdaş Türk Resim Sanatı Tarihi (2 volumes, with Günseli Renda, 1980), Nazmi Ziya (1995).

Eyvanlı Avluda Kadınlar, 1956

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