Tevfik Rüştü Aras

Asker, Diplomat

06 Ocak, 1972
Beirut French Medical School

Soldier, diplomat (B. 1883, Çanakkale – Ö. 6 January 1972, Istanbul). His father was criminal cheif Hasan Rüştü Bey from Rhodes. He completed his primary and secondary education in Skopje and Komotini. When he was in Skopje High School he participated to a student movement, then Aras came to Istanbul and completed Nu­mune-i Terakki School. After that he went to Beirut next to his father. He went to a French School named Oliver here then he graduated from Beirut French Medical School where he get it by passing an exam in 1905. After his graduation he completed his expertise in Paris then he began to work as independent doctor in Trabzon. After his family moved to Izmir, he was assigned to Izmir Country Hospital Maternity Illness service. In 1907, he met Mustafa Kemal in Thessaloniki and became close friends, and then he entered politics.

In 1909 he attended central meeting of Union and Progress and took place among the party members. After working as health inspector in Thessaloniki for eighteen months he became a member of Meclis-i Umûr-i Tıbbiyye-i Mülkiyye and Sıhhiyye-i Umûmiyye in Istanbul. During the Balkan War (1912), he was appointed as the Head Doctor of Skopje Hilâl-i Ahmer Hospital. He worked as head doctor in Çanakkale Hilâl-i Ahmer Hospital. He resigned when he was the general inspector of Health in 1914. He was a member of Higher Health Institute in 1918. He went to Anatolia in 1919 and joined the War of Independence; and was elected as Muğla deputy in 1920 after TGNA was opened in Ankara. He became the member of Independence Court of Kastamonu. He was among the founders of Turkish Communist Party in 1920 autumn. He went to Moscow as ambassador by Ali Fuat Pasha (Cebesoy) delegation sent by TGNA Government to USSR. He was the Izmir deputy between 1923 and 1939.

He became the Foreign Affairs Minister in the Ismet Inonu cabinet established after March 4, 1925 Law on the Maintenance of Order. He continued this duty in all the governments until the death of Ataturk. He went to Russia three times as the visitor of Foreign affairs commissary Litvinov. He conducted meetings with Soviet leaders in Odesa (1926) and in Moscow (1930, 1937). He was appointed to the London Embassy in 1939 and stayed in England for three and half years. He was retired in 1943. He wrote articles in Istanbul press (especially in Tan newspaper) at the end of war. He supported the establishment of Democrat Party. He was the Executive Board President of Is Banka between 1952 and 1959.

He started to write columns as the head writer of İttihad and Sedad newspapers published by Union and Progress Society. His poem named “Ninni” was published in İctihad newspaper (1913). His speeches during his duty as Foreign Affairs Minister were compiled by Numan Menemencioğlu and published as a book. He wrote the article “Foreign Policy of Turkey” (Lapolitigue Exterieure de la Turguie) in the Dictionary of Diplomacy (Dictionnaire Diplomatigue) published by International Diplomacy Academy.


Lozan’ın İzlerinde On yıl (His speeches compiled by Numan Menemencioglu, 1937, French version; 10 Ans Surles Traces de Lausanne), Görüşlerim (selections from his articles in the press, 2 volumes, 1945 and 1963).

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