Teodor Kasap

Gazeteci, Yazar

Journalist and playwright (b. 1835, Kayseri - d. 1905, İstanbul). He came to İstanbul on the death of his father and attended Kuruçeşme Greek Primary School. During his school years, he worked as apprentice to a Greek merchant, a fellow countryman. After the Crimean war, he went to Paris with the help of a French army officer. After he returned, he gave French lectures. He published the humor magazine Diyojen first in Greek, then in French and finally in Turkish. When Diyojen was closed down, he published other humor magazines Çıngıraklı Tatar (1873), Hayal (1873) and a daily political newspaper İstikbal (1870-73). He was sentenced because of his articles and fled to Europe (1877), after he returned he was appointed as the Palace Librarian. His comedies were adapted from Molière.

WORKS (Plays):

Pinti Hamit (Miserly Hamit, 1873, simplified by Cevdet Kudret, 1965), Para Mesleği (Money Job, 1875), İşkilli Memo (Suspicious Memo, 1875).

He also did translations.

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