Tacettin Diker

Karagöz Ustası, Tiyatro Oyuncusu

31 Mayıs, 1923
Istanbul Erkek High School
Diğer İsimler
M. Taceddin Diker

Theatre actor, puppeteer (Karagöz). Born on the 31st of May 1923 in Istanbul. His full name is M. Taceddin Diker. He graduated from 5. Beyazıt Primary School and Istanbul Erkek High School. He was introduced to traditional theatrical plays as a primary school student. He joined courses opened by İrfan Açıkgöz, Nurettin Sevin and Ragıp Tuğtekin and acquired the permission to produce and perform Karagöz plays. He watched theatres of famous figures such as Naşit Özcan, Hazım Körmükçü, Cemal Reşit Rey and Musahipzade Celal. In this way his passion for theatre increased. He established a performance branch in Küçükpazar Halkodası and started his theatrical works. He increased his knowledge by joining courses of production and performance led by Camcı İrfan Açıkgöz, Nurettin Sevin and Ragıp Tuğtekin. He started to teach in 1974 in Karagöz production, performance and renewal courses opened by the Ministry of Culture. He organized plays between 1974 and 2009 in Akbank Karagöz and Puppet Theatre.

After working for 25 years in Ziraat Bank, Tacettin Diker retired from here. He was one of the founders of UNIMA (International Union of Puppet and Shadow Plays) in 1990. In 1992 he played a role in the series Kukla Kal shot by Turkish Radio and Television Association (TRT). He played Karagöz in 1997 in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre as a guest artist in the play Ah Karagöz Vah Karagöz directed by Çetin İpekkaya and written by Fikret Terzi. He managed the Karagöz production course opened within Istanbul University’s Faculty of Literature, Department of Fine Arts and in 1998 production and performance course of Karagöz School opened by Foundation of Children. He participated to numerous festivals and events at home and abroad. He organized workshops in France, Germany, Netherlands, Tunisia, Cyprus, Italy and Austria. He appeared in the work Alnında Işığı İlk HissedenTiyatro Sanatçıları edited by Vedat Demirci in 2003.

Diker who received numerous awards during his career was awarded with Service to Turkish Culture Foundation Award in 1985, Folklore Research Institute’s İhsan Hınçer Service to Turkish Folklore Prize in 1987, Turkish Literature Foundation’s Service to Turkish Folklore Prize in 1988, Foundation of Children’s Service to Arts Prize in 1991, UNIMA Turkey National Center’s UNIMA Traditional Turkish Theatre Service Prize due to his contribution to arts in 1996, and appeared in 2006 in the “Living Human Treasure” as one of the 7 people determined by UNESCO in order to recreate and reinterpret certain elements of our cultural heritage who have the required skills and knowledge. He was awarded with 3rd International Istanbul Puppet Festival Honor Prize in 2000, 5th International Puppet and Shadow Plays Festival Honor Prize in 2001. Due to his successful works, he was a guest at the Dutch, Belgian, Austrian, French and Italian televisions aside from Turkish televisions. Numerous interviews were done with him in radio and television programs. 



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