Hoca Dehhânî

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Hodja Dehhânî

Poet. He came to Konya from Horasan in the reign of Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alâeddin Keykubat III. (1298- 1301). It is known that he wrote Selçuklu Şehnamesi (The Seljuk Epic) consisting of twenty thousand couplets written in Persian on the order of the sultan, but as yet this book has not been found. It is understood from his eulogy that he came from Horasan and wanted permission to return to Horasan after presenting his work to the Sultan. With his poems written in Anatolian Turkish he is considered to be the first representative of the poets who wrote about love and wine beyond the limitations of mystic poetry that was dominant in Anatolia at the time. The poems of Hoca Dehhani (in the Mecmuatü’n Nezâir – Nezâir Collection at the Turkish Language Association Library) were first introduced to the literary world by Prof. Fuad Köprülü (Hayat review, issue: 1, 1926) and were published by Dr. Necdet Mansuroğlu for the first time as Dehhani ve Manzumeleri (Dehhani and His Poems, 1 eulogy, 9 lyric poems, 1947). Dr. Hikmet İlaydın made a more scientific edition of this work in 1978.


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