Hikmet Onat (Painter)


Heybeliada Naval Academy

Painter (B.1882, Istanbul – D. 1977, Istanbul) His father was a navy commander, thus he went to Heybeliada Deniz Harp Okulu (T.N. Naval Academy) under his influence. After he graduated from the academy in 1903 and had worked as a warrant officer for a while. Later, he enrolled in Sanayii Nefise (Fine Arts Academy) and ended his military career. In 1910 he passed the exam for Europe, which was required to study abroad, and he went to Paris. He had worked there at the academy for four years.

            Upon his return to Turkey, he joined the Osmanlı Ressamlar Community, which will be called as Fine Arts Union later, in 1914. Together with Çallı İbrahim, Feyhaman Duran, Avni Lifij, Namık İsmail, Şevket Dağ and some other artists, he formed Galatasaray exhibitions and ushered a new era for Turkish painting. He worked at Fine Arts Academy (Sanayii Nefise) as a lecturer and as a foreman of the workshop until 1949. He was also one of those who founded Osmanlı Ressamlar Community and the Fine Arts Union.

He is known as an efficient landscape artist in modern art. The first thing he painted upon his return to Istanbul from Paris was the small boats on Besiktaş shores. Everyday, he took notes of Bosphorus and Golden Horn with barges’ and sailing ships’ reflection on the sea, of shores adorned with sets of small boats, of vineyards’ and orchards’ sceneries turning purple and grey as they moved back, and he put Istanbul decorated with lights into painting in the manner of a passionate artist. Thus, he is considered as successor of Hoca Ali Rıza who was the initiator of love of nature and Istanbul. There are limited numbers of portraits and figure paintings of Onat, who was a plain air artist. Unlike the simplex style of classical workshops and academy he went to, he gave examples of his own style which was integrated with love of nature and in which he achieved the balance among wide brushes and the tones of yellow, green, brown and blue.

Hikmet Onat regularly participated in yearly exhibitions of Güzel Sanatlar Birliği (T.N. Fine Arts Union) and Devlet Resim ve Heykel Sergileri (T.N. State Art and Sculpture Exhibitions). He won two success awards, one in the 34th Exhibition in 1973 with Yenimalle Sırtlarından and one the following year with Sarıye’de Ahşap  Ev.

MAIN WORKS (Paintings):

Siperde Mektup Okuyan Askerler, Salacak'ta Kayıklar Ve Kızkulesi, Peyzaj, Büyükdere, Büyükada,Dilburnu, Manolyalar, Çengelköy, Balıkçı Tekneleri, Topkapı Sarayı, İstanbul Peyzajı.

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Hikmet Onat, painting



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