Hersekli Arif Hikmet


20 Mayıs, 1903

Poet (b. 1840, Mostar / Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – d. 1903, İstanbul). He was the son of the Governor of Herzegovina, Zülfikar Nafız Paşa. He completed his education in İstanbul where he came after the death of his father and grandfather. He worked as the head of the Law Department at the Court of the First Instance in places such as Erzurum, Bursa, Manastır, Yanya, Kastamonu, Adana and Algeria, as a member of the İstanbul Court of Appeal, as the head of Law at the Court of Appeal and as a member of the Court of Appeals (1901).

He was one of the last Divan* poets who lived at the beginning of the Tanzimat literature period. Contrary to his contemporaries, he used a simpler Turkish and wrote works on philosophy and sophism as well as poetry. He established the Poets Association with the influential poets of the era, Leskofçalı Galip and Yenişehirli Avni. Many skilled young poets such as Namık Kemal participated in the meetings that took place at his house for a year (1860- 61).


Divan (Divan*, by İbnülemin Mahmut Kemal İnal, 1919), Levâyihu'l-Hikem (Formal Proposal of Wisdom), Levâmiu'l-Efkâr (Light of Ideas), Sevânihu'l-Beyan (Moments of Declaration), Misbahu'l-İzah (The Light of Explanation).



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