Şükrü Ramo

Yazar, Şair

18 Kasım, 1988
Party Politics School

Poet and writer (b. 1920, Śtip / Yugoslavia – d. 18 November 1988, Skopje). He completed his primary and elementary school education in the city in which he was born. He attended philosophy courses at the Department of Philosophy in Skopje, which he discontinued and returned to Śtip where he worked as a civil servant at the Directorate of Foundations. He took part in the Yugoslavian War of Independence.

In 1945, he undertook the administration of the newspaper Üsküp Birlik and ran it for 18 years. During this time he graduated from the Party Politics School. Then the entered politics and acted as the deputy president of the Macedonian Socialist Assembly. He published his poems, essays and stories in the newspaper Birlik where he worked, and in reviews such as Sevinç and Sesler. His poems have been translated into Macedonian, Albanian and Serbian. His textbooks and translations have also been published.


POETRY: Vatan Birdir Unutma (Do not Forget That a Country is Unique, 1958), Çelenk (Wreath, 1959), Hoş Geldiniz (Welcome, 1964), Güzel Günler (Beautiful Days, 1972), Renkli Gülüşler (Colorful Smiles, 1977), Kuş Sesi (Bird Noise, 1980), Küçük Damlalar (Little Drops, 1983), Toprağımın Sesi (The Voice of My Land, 1985), Sabah Yıldızı (Morning Star, 1987).

SHORT STORY (for children and teenagers): Kır Çiçeği (Wild Flower, 1969), Yeşil Köy (The Green Village, 1972), Alev’den Yıldız’a (From a Flame to a Star, 1978).


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