Şükrü Haluk Akalın

Dil Araştırmacısı

22 Ocak, 1956
Istanbul University Faculty of Literature Department of Turkish Language and Literature

Linguist (b. 22 January 1956, Adana). He completed his primary and secondary school education in Adana and high school education in İstanbul. He worked as a journalist during his high school years. He worked as a correspondent at Son Havadis and Yeni İstanbul newspapers. His early works, in the short story and essay genre, were published in Yeni Adana, Bizim Anadolu, Çakıl and Son Havadis newspapers.

In 1979, after graduating from Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, he started his PhD thesis in the same department he just graduated from. While working for his doctorate he worked as a teacher for a while. For a short period he worked at the Publication Bureau of Ansiklopedik Evliya Çelebi Seyahatnamesi (Encyclopedic Travel Book of Evliya Çelebi), which was established by the Turkology Institute under the auspices of Ministry of Culture. In 1983 he worked as a lecturer at Çukurova University.

In 1987 he completed his doctorate thesis on Saltuknâme I (Saltuknâme* I, Research-Text) at İstanbul University in the field of New Turkish Language. In 1989 he was appointed as an assistant at Çukurova University, Faculty of Literature and Science, Department of Turkish Language and Literature. In 1990 he became an assistant professor of New Turkish Language and was selected as a member of Turkish Language Association Science Committee in 1995. In 1996, he became a professor. He has been the Head of the Turkish Language Association since 2001.

Akalın has written approximately 100 essays and declarations related to the Turkish language and his works have been published in various scientific reviews, the first being in the review Türk Dili. Akalın has conducted important studies on the translation of computer terms into Turkish and the correct use of the Turkish language on computers. In addition to his works in the area of computers, he has also supported the studies on the common use of Turkish and Turkish content on the Internet. In February 1997 he launched the website Türkoloji Dünyası (World of Turkology) and in November 1998 he established Türkoloji Haberleşme Grubu (Turkology Communication Group). In 1999 he published the first and only worldwide online Turkology review called Sanal Türkoloji Araştırmaları.

In 1995 he started the serial publication Türkoloji Araştırmaları (Turkology Research) in Adana. 10 books about Turkology have been published in this serial so far. In 1996, he established the Turkology Research Center at Çukurova University to do research on the Turkish language, literature and history and worked as the director of this center for five years. He was selected as the 2003 President of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PAIC), the permanent general secretariat of which is based in the United States.


STUDY-RESEARCH-EDITION: Ebü'l-Hayr-ı Rumi, Saltuk-nâme I (Ebü'l-Hayr-ı Rumi-Saltuk-nâme* I, 1987), Ebü'l-Hayr-ı Rumi, Saltuk-nâme II  (Ebü'l-Hayr-ı Rumi- Saltuk-nâme* II, 1988), Ebü'l-Hayr-ı Rumi, Saltuk-nâme III (Ebü'l-Hayr-ı Rumi- Saltuk-nâme* III, 1990), Eski Anadolu Türkçesi (Old Anatolian Turkish, 3rd edition, 1995).

TRAVEL LITERATURE: Anayurttan Atayurda (From Motherland to Fatherland, 1995).

DICTIONARY: Şor Sözlüğü (Dictionary of Şor*, edition with N.N. Kurpeşko, 1995), Teleüt Ağzı Sözlüğü (Dictionary of the Teleüt* Dialect, edition with C. Turgunbayev, translation, 2000).



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