Şecaattin Tanyerli

Ses Sanatçısı

01 Aralık, 1994
Istanbul Erkek High School

Singer (B. 1921, Istanbul – D. December 1st, 1994, Istanbul,). When tango is mentioned, his name is the first name that comes to mind in our country. He completed his primary education in Beşiktaş Esma Sultan Elementary School, his middle and high school education from Istanbul Erkek High School. During his high school years, Tanyerli, who was a big fan of Tino Rossi, started his music works by taking opera lessons from Eminönü Community Centre.  While he was a student in the Faculty of Law, he took singing lessons from Goldenberg who was a violin teacher in Beyoğlu Community Centre.

The artist who had to work during World War II began his career in professional stage life in 1942 at Maksim Gazinosu. Tanyerli who can also sing German, French, Spanish and Greek tangos went to Ankara Reserve Officer School in 1943. He graduated as a lieutenant in 1946. In 1949, he made his first record with Necdet Koyutürk’s famous tango named Papatya. In the same year, he began to work in İstanbul Radio.

Tanyerli, awarded with a golden record in 1971, used to say that every tango he sang had a separate memory for him. The artist, having the thought that listening and performing tango color the life, stated that the strength of the relationship with his family and the other was related with tango.


Ayrılık, Sensiz Kaldığım Geceler, Sevdim Bir Genç Kadını, Mazi, Sana Nerden Gönül Verdim, Papatya.



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