Şarık Tara

İnşaat Mühendisi, Mühendis, İş İnsanı

22 Nisan, 1930
28 Haziran, 2018
Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering

High construction engineer, founder and honorary president of the Enka Companies Group (B.  Skopje in April 22nd 1930 - D. 22 Jul 2018, Istanbul). He is son of a lawyer Fevzi Tara who studied in Skopje Beirut and Belgrade and his mother Mahmure Hanım was a highly cultured woman who studied in Erenköy Kız High School. He is a relative of Yahya Kemal due to being the children of his grandchildren. He stayed with her ​​aunt, Seniha Hanım in Istanbul for two years where he came with the help of Consul General of Skopje Reşat Karabuda until his family arrived. After having completed his secondary education at Şişli Terakki High School, he graduated from İTÜ, Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1954. He started his construction activities by founding the ENKA Collective Company with his brother-in-low Sadi Gülçelik in 1957. The ENKA Collective Company, which is a name derived from the first syllables of brother-in-law, has become a Corporation and has become ENKA Holding Inc. in 1972.

Şarık Tara transferred the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of ENKA Holding Investment Corporation which includes many companies that he carried out for many years to his son Sinan Tara; he is currently the Honorary Chairman.

Şarık Tara, who has given importance to technology and management during 30 years of his professional life, provided his companies with reputation in the world market by bringing the most advanced technologies in western countries to Turkey. He uses the world-renowned know-hows in his contracting and industry companies and today provides the equivalent level of production with the Western countries and benefited from the technology that this production requires. In this way, he greatly contributed Turkey's economy in terms of domestic market and employment as well as the input of the foreign exchange.

Şarık Tara, who is a very good friend of Vehbi Koç, tells his success in an interview with Vehbi Koç: “The late Vehbi Koç asked me one day: “Şarık, what kind of a management system is this?” He gave the name “Brother Management” to our management style. In other words, we were different than the usual management formats in the business place in our first years. The ove, respect and friendship between us were strong.”

Şarık Tara, who is socially active in Public and private organizations, foundations and sports clubs, provides financial and moral support to the studies in these areas. Şarık Tara has given many awards due to his business and social activities in Turkey and abroad.

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