Şahabettin Süleyman


Civil Service School

Writer (b. 1885, İstanbul - d. 1921, Switzerland). After completing his primary and secondary education in İzmir, he came to İstanbul and graduated from the Civil Service School (1908). He worked as a French and literature teacher at Vefa High School and Galatasaray High School and worked as an assistant manager at the Teacher Training School. His play Çıkmaz Sokak (Blind Alley), which was about lesbianism, was regarded as amoral and therefore his service as a teacher was put to an end for sometime. He died due to an illness in Europe, where he had gone with his wife, the poet İhsan Raif Hanım, of whom he was the second husband. He was buried in a village graveyard in Switzerland.

He was one of the founders of the “Dawn of The New Age Movement”. His articles were published in the review Servet-i Fünûn and in Rübab, which he published (1912). He wrote in almost all genres of literature except poetry. He was mainly known for his theater plays with Tahsin Nahit and his research on the history of literature with Fuat Köprülü.

WORKS (Play):

Fırtına, Aralarında (The Tempest, Between Them, two plays and four short stories, 1910), Çıkmaz Sokak (Blind Alley, 1911), Kırık Muhafaza (Broken Guard, 1911), Kösem Sultan (Kösem Sultan, with Tahsin Nahit.).

RESEARCH: Tarih-i Edebiyat-ı Osmaniye (History of the Literature of the Ottomans, 1910), Yeni Osmanlı Tarih-i Edebiyatı (The Literature of New Ottoman History, 1st volume, with Fuat Köprülü, 1916), Malumat-ı Edebiye (Knowledge of Literature, with Fuat Köprülü, 2 volumes, 1914-15), Abdulhak Hamit, Hayatı ve Sanatı (Abdulhak Hamit, His Life and Art, 1913), Osmanlılıkta Vahime-i Mesuliyet (The Imagination of Responsibility in the Ottomans, 1915).


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