Dündar Taşer

Asker, Siyasetçi, Yazar

Military School

Soldier, politician, writer (B. Gaziantep, 1925- D. 1972). He graduated from Military School (1944). He was involved in to 27 May 1960 military movements and became a member of National Unity Committee member.  He was counted in “Fourteens” Group because of the dissensus occurred in the Committee. He got retired in November 13, 1960. He was sent to Rabat as Ambassador's assistant. After he returned to country he attended to Republican Villager Nation Party and was elected as member of administrative board. Although he became an applicant for Istanbul congressman from Nationalist Movement Party in 1969, he was not elected. He died during a traffic accident.  He collected his political writings, which were published in magazines such as Millî Hareket, Töre and Devlet, in a book titled as Mesele.

REFERENCE: Yurt Ansiklopedisi (v. IV, 1982), İhsan Işık / Resimli ve Metin Örnekli Türkiye Edebiyatçılar ve Kültür Adamları Ansiklopedisi (The 2nd edition, 2009).


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