Hasan Mercan

Yazar, Şair

30 Aralık, 1944
29 Nisan, 2004

Poet and writer (b. 30 December 1944, Prizren / Kosovo - d.  29 April 2006, Ankara). He attended primary, elementary and high school at his hometown. He studied pedagogy and Turkish literature in Skopje. He embarked on a career in journalism at a very early age. He took practical training at the newspaper Cumhuriyet in Turkey for two years (1969-71). He wrote features while traveling around the world. He was the editor of the reviews Sevinç and Tomurcuk in Skopje, the children’s magazine Kuş and the literary review Çığ in Pristina. He worked as the General Director of the Turkish broadcasting department of Pristina TV. During the war in Kosovo, all his works, including sixty files of work were burned and destroyed. He saved himself and his family from being killed and took refuge at Kırklareli Refugee Camp and then in Ankara, on the instructions of the Turkish Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit. He was appointed guest researcher at Bilkent University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature.

He has contributed to Yugoslavian children’s literature and has been a columnist at the weekly newspaper Tan in Pristina and a broadcaster at the Turkish broadcasting department of Pristina TV. He has published around forty translations from Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian and Albanian. He has worked as a dramatist at the Skopje Turkish Theatre and established a children’s theatre there. He founded the Prizren Turkish Theatre in 1978. He gained fame with his poems published in the reviews Günce, Dört Mevsim and Varlık. He received many awards with his works Sarı Yusuf (Yusuf the Blond) and Körağa Sokağı (Körağa Street). He was given the title “Best Literature Writer of the Balkans” with his work. The awards he has collected in Turkey number eighteen. His three plays for theatre and fifteen plays for television and ten plays for radio have been performed and broadcast in London, Skopje, Prizren, Pristina, İstanbul and İzmir. All his works have been published in twelve volumes by Tan Publications. He is a member of the World Writers Association and he was nominated for the Pulitzer in 1996. Some of the awards he has collected are, the Ömer Faruk Toprak Achievement Award in 1987 with Dayler Dayler (Mountains, Mountains), the Balkan Best Turkish Literature Writers Award in 1996 with Toplu Yapıtları (Collected Works), and the title “Cengiz Aytmatov of the Balkans” by the Prizren Turkish Culture Association in 2003.


POETRY: Aynam (My Mirror, 1967), Dağ Gelini (Mountain Bride, 1970), Sarı Yusuf (Yusuf the Blond, 1972), Mermere Kazılan (Carved on Marble, 1975), Çağyel (The Wind of Time, 1976), Uzatılan Yaşam (Extended Life, 1979), Çağlar Köprüsü (Bridge Between Ages, 1980), Güneş İzi (Trace of Sun, 1983), Ayrılık Aynası (Mirror of Separation, 1983), Elele (Hand in Hand, 1985), Dayler Dayler (Mountains, Mountains, 1987), Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım (I’m on a Long, Narrow Road 1988), Ak Yüzün Simgeleri (Symbols of the Honest Face, 1990), Kız Kalesi (The Girl’s Castle, 1997), Sevinç ve Düş (Joy and Dream, 1997), Sarıgöl (Sarıgöl, 1997), Hüzne Soyunmak (Disrobing for Grief, 1999), Tuna Nehri Aksam Diyor (The River Danube Wants to Flow, 2000).

SHORT STORY: Küçük Ali (Little Ali, 1969), Memiş (Memiş, 1971), Körağa Sokağı (Körağa Street, 1975), Unutulmayan Günler (Unforgotten Days, 1979), Şanlı Bezi (Famous Duster 1982), Aldı da Bir Yağmur (It’s Pouring Down with Rain, 1985), Dedemin Elleri (Hands of My Grandfather, 1998), Az Gelir Bir Gökyüzü (One Sky is not Enough, 1998), Afacan’ın Serüvenleri (Adventures of the Mischievous - 1998), Candan’ın Dünyası (Candan’s World, 1998), Sevinç Uzak Bir Düştü (Joy was a Distant Dream, 2000), Kosova’da Maziye Karışanlar (Those Who Belong to Kosovo’s Past, 2001).

NOVEL: Yörük Osman (Yuruk Osman, 1972), Karanfil İsmail (Carnation İsmail, 1974), Köy Çocuğu (Kid from the Village, 1981), Namus Köprüsü (Bridge of Chastity, 1987), Onlar da Ağlar (They Cry too, 2003).

INVESTIGATION: Yaprak (Leaf, 1985).

ANTHOLOGY: Bir Avuç Mavi (A Handful of Blue, 1985, an anthology of the people of Kosovo), Barış Kuşları (Birds of Peace, 1987, a selection of Yugoslavian poetry), Can Gergefi (Frame of Life, 1999, anthology of contemporary Turkish poetry in Yugoslavia), Balkanlarda Çağdaş Türk Şiiri Antolojisi (Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry in the Balkans, 2000), Bize de Gülüş Verin (Give Us Laughter, Too, Turkish Children’s Literature in the Balkans, 2001), Balkanlarda Türk Hikâye Antolojisi (Anthology of Turkish Short Stories in the Balkans, 2001).  

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Dolu Dizgin Yıllar (Years at Full Speed, 1996), Ata Dedik Türk Dedik (We Called Them Ancestors; We Called Them Turkish, 2002).

Besides these, he has written thirty books of children’s literature and twenty plays.



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