Hasan Cemal

Gazeteci, Yazar

28 Ocak, 1944
Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Finance

Journalist and writer (b. 28 January 1944, İstanbul) He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Finance (1965). He worked in Germany for a while. After military service, he started working as editor-in-chief at the newspaper Devrim (1969). Later, he worked in the Ankara News Agency of the magazine Ortam and in the newspaper Günaydın. He became the Ankara representative and in 1981 editor-in-chief of the newspaper Cumhuriyet. Besides working as an administrator on the newspaper Cumhuriyet, he occasionally wrote editorials for the same newspaper. He transferred to the newspaper Sabah in 1991. He was a member of the Administration Board of International Press Society (1983-92) and is member of the Journalists Association, Galatasaray Sports Club, and Foundation of Social, Economic, Politic Researches of Turkey.


Tank Sesiyle Uyanmak (Waking up to the Sound of a Tank, 1986), Demokrasi Korkusu (The Fear of Democracy, 1986), Tarihi Yaşarken Yakalamak (To Seize History While Living, 1987), Özal Hikâyesi (The Story of Özel, 1989), Kimse Kızmasın, Kendimi Yazdım (Nobody Should Get Annoyed, I just Wrote about Myself, 1999), 2. Demokrasi Korkusu -12 Eylül Günlüğü (The Second Fear of Democracy, 2000), Kürtler (The Kurds, 2003).



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