Babür Şah

Devlet Adamı, Hattat, Şair

16 Şubat, 1483
26 Aralık, 1530
Diğer İsimler
Zahir ed-Din Muhammed Babür

Poet (b. 16 February 1483, Fergana / Uzbekistan - d.  26 December 1530, Ağra). His real name was Zahirüddin Muhammed. On the death of his father, who was the ruler of Fergana, he ascended to the throne and created a large state by capturing important historical and cultural centers of the time such as, Kabul, Khorasan, Transoxiana, Semerkant and Bokhara. Babür Şah, who died at the age of forty-seven, became one of the most famous men of Turkish and Chagatay (a Turkic dialect) literature. He was successful in art as well as in administration, as a soldier and politician and writing Divan* poems. He was also interested in calligraphy, creating murals and writing compositions.

In Vekayiname (Chronicle), which is known as Babürname (Book of Babür), he tells the story of his emotional life with his trust in god, his joys, fears and private information about himself. Apart from his memoir and travel works, in Babür Divanı (Divan* of Babür, Collected Poems) he collected his other poems. Aruz Risalesi (Letter of Prosody) gives information about the classic Arabic and Persian prosody form; Mübeyyen (Explained), written in verse gives information about Hanefi canon law (Kazan, 1857) and Risale-i Viladiye (Birth Letter) is a mystic work that he translated from Persian. Babürname (Book of Babür), which was first published in Kazan in 1857 and translated into modern Turkish, was published by Reşit Rahmeti Arat in two volumes (Turkish Historical Society Publications, 1943-46), and a new edition was published with the title Babür’ün Hayatı (Babür’s Life, Ministry of Education, from the series ‘1000 Foundation Works’, three volumes, 1970). His Divan* was published in 1910 and 1917..

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