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Budaylanı Azret

Poet (b. 1915, Oğarı Bahsan village / Kabardino / Republic of Balkar - d. 1942). He had been given the nickname “Kıyama” (Doomsday) in his village, because of his strong literary side and his tendency to the art of rhetoric from his childhood. He graduated from Pyatigorsk Teachers Training School (1931). His first poem was published in the first anthology of Balkar Poets in 1935. He worked as an authorized secretary of the newspaper Kommunizmge Jol. He undertook the posts of state and party in the years of 1930.

He was the leader of guerilla movement against the Germans under the task of Head of Çerek District Party Committee in the Kabardino-Republic of Balkar occupation of German Nazi Units (1942).

He was taken as prisoner in a conflict, after being tortured by fascists, he was killed and his body was thrown to the Çirik Lake in Balkar Plateau.  Now, there is a statue of the poet near this lake. The Oğarı Bahsan Village School has the name of Azret Budaev. His epic Bir Avcının Hikâyesi (A Story of a Hunter) and his poem Telefon (Telephone) are very popular works which were known by Balkar readers, especially in the period those were written.


Stihle bla Jırla (Poems and Songs, 1935), Tuvğan Jurtum (My Motherland, 1938), Ötgen Jıllada (In the Past, 1941), Nazmula Bla Jırla (Poems and Songs, 1957), Stihi i Poemı (Poems ad Epics, 1962, Russian).

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