Azra Erhat

Çevirmen, Yazar

06 Haziran, 1915
06 Eylül, 1982
Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography

Writer and translator (b. 1915, İstanbul – d. 6 September 1982). She graduated from Brussels Emile Jacgmaine High School (1934) and Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography (1938). She entered into the faculty where she graduated, as an assistant of classics and became an associate professor (1946). She started to work in the newspapers Yeni İstanbul and Vatan, and International Work Bureau when she was dismissed from her office in university 1947. At the 12 March period, she was arrested under the Article 141 with Vedat Günyol and Sabahattin Eyüboğlu and spent four months in Maltepe Military Prison. She was judged and acquitted.

Mostly in the review Yeni Ufuklar, her articles were published in the reviews and newspapers such as Yeni İstanbul, Vatan, Cumhuriyet and Milliyet Sanat. She won Habib Edib Törehan Science Award with the first volume (1959) of İliada of Homer that she translated with A. Kadir and Turkish Language Association 1961 Translation Award with the third volume. An award has been organized under her name by the review Yazko Çeviri for her successful translation of Greek tales and legends since 1983. However, this award was given only for two years.


ESSAY-RESEARCH: İşte İnsan-Ecco Homo (Behold the Man- Ecce Homo, 1969), Mitoloji Sözlüğü (Dictionary of Mythology, 1972), Mektuplarıyla Halikarnas Balıkçısı (Halikarnas Balıkçısı with His Letters, 1976), Hesiodos Eseri ve Kaynakları (Hesiod His Work and Sources, 1977), Pir Sultan Abdal (with S. Eyüboğlu, 1977), Sevgi Yönetimi (Love Management, 1978).

TRAVEL: Mavi Anadolu (The Blue Anatolia, 1960), Mavi Yolculuk (The Blue Voyage, 1962).

CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: Troya Masalları (The Tales of Troy, 1981).

MEMOIR-LETTER: Gülleylâ'ya Anılar - En Hakiki Mürşit (Memoirs to Gülleylâ – The Most True Guide, 2002), Mektuplarıyla Halikarnas Balıkçısı (Halikarnas Balıkçısı with His Letters, 2002).

She has also translations.


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