Zülfü Livaneli

Yönetmen, Müzisyen, Siyasetçi, Yazar

20 Haziran, 1946
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Ömer Zülfü Livaneli

Composer, director and the writer (b. 1946, Ilgın / Konya). He was blamed many times because of his beliefs and political views. After the September 12 Military Coup, he was put in to the jail for three mounths and then he was forced to abandon the Turkey. He left to Turkey and emigrated to Sweden. He engaged in music and philosophy in Sweden. After Stockholm, he lived in Paris and Athens. He returned the Turkey in 1984. He became the The Republican Party candidate of The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Governorship but he did not elected. In 1996, he has given the Medal of Ensemble and General Director Advisor by the Science Commision of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or United Nations that its center is founded in Paris. He entered the elections from the same party and elected as a The Turkish National Grand Assembly İstanbul Deputy in 6 November 2002. He laid the foundation of the Turk-Greek Frienndship Foundations with Mikis Theodorakis and became the defender of friendship between the Greece and the Turkey.

His interest in cinema began while he was composing film- music for movies. He had an international fame with his specific collections. He made rhapsody music for London Senfony Orchestrate and a collectional music for a ballet. His songs have been sung by world –wide known artists such as Joan Baez, Maria del Mar Bonet, Udo Lindenberg, Maria Farandouri, Haris Alexiu, Kate Westbrook. He also made the film musics of Cannes Film Festival, Golden Palm Awarded film called Yol (The Way) and Sürü (The Herd). His albums have been published in Spain, America, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and France. He gave lots of concerts in various countries. He made albums together with  the greek composer Mikis Theodorakis and Singer Maria Farandouri and also gave concerts. Moreover he worked together with Manos Hacidakis, Giora Feidman, Chilean Inti Ilimani and Angel Para. His concerts and composing has been listened by the masses.

In addition being to musical man, he has also known with his films and novels. His first novel  Engereğin Gözündeki Kamaşma (The Tickling in the Eyes of Viper Snake) won the Balkanian Literature Award in 1997. This book soon published in Spain, Korea, Greece, Switzerland and the Germany. His novel called Bir Kedi, Bir Adam, Bir Ölüm (A Cat, a Man, a Death) won the  2001 Yunus Nadi Novel Award, and were published in Serbia and Greece. His works from different fields won over thirty international awards. Some of these were the Best Album of the Year (Greece), Edison Award (Netherlands), Best Album of the Year (Union of Music Critics, Germany), and the Best Composer (San Remo, Italy). His short story collection Arafat’ta Bir Çocuk ( A Kid in the Arafat, 1978) were published in Germany in 1983 and the short story that gave its name to the book was adapted into cinema by the German and Swedish channels. In addition to his novel and short story books, he also published essays, collectionof his thought articles and musical partitions of his collections. Livaneli, who has written to the daily newspapers since 1989, gave series of conferences in universities such as Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Stuttgart, Harvard and Princeton.


THE FILM MUSIC: Otobüs (The Bus, Tunç Okan), Sürü (The Herd, Zeki Ökten), Hazal (Hazal, Ali Özgentürk), Yılanı Öldürseler (Wish to Kill The Snake, Türkan Şoray), Yol (he Way, Şerif Gören).

DIRECTOR: Yer Demir Gök Bakır (The Earth is Iron the Sky is Cupper, 1987), Sis (The Fog, 1988).

NOVEL: Engereğin Gözündeki Kamaşma (The Tickling in the Eyes of Viper Snake, 1997), Bir Kedi, Bir Adam, Bir Ölüm (A Cat, a Man, a Death, 2001), Mutluluk (The Happiness, 2003).

COLLECTION: Arafat’ta Bir Çocuk (A Kid in the Arafat, 1978), Gorbaçov’la Devrim Üstüne Konuşmalar (Talks with Gorbachov about Revolution).


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