Zeynep Avcı

Oyun Yazarı, Çevirmen, Öykü Yazarı, Yazar

06 Haziran, 1947
Kadıköy College for Girls
Diğer İsimler
Zeynep Karabey

Storywriter, playwright and translator (b. 6 June 1947, Kütahya). She has also used the pen name Zeynep Karabey. She attended Erenköy High School for Girls, Secondary Section and Kadıköy College for Girls. She did not finish her studies at Middle Eastern Technical University, Faculty of Administrational Sciences and İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Sociology. She worked for the newspapers Cumhuriyet, Yeni İstanbul, Milliyet, Hürriyet, Dünya and Focus; as the Turkish representative to Sipa Press and at the Paris Department of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and in the reviews Pamuk Çocuk and Focus. She was also editor-in-chief of these reviews. She continues her work in İstanbul and Bodrum.

Her short stories, research and critiques have been published in the review Yazko Somut, where she was also an editor for a while, and in many reviews such as Milliyet Sanat, Varlık, Cumhuriyet Kitap, Kitap-lık since 1981. She has written screenplays for some films directed by famous directors such as Zülfü Livaneli and Atıf Yılmaz. She collected the Ankara Arts Foundation Award with her play titled Gılgamış (Gilgamesh) and the Avni Dilligil Best Translation Award with Abelard ve Heloise (Abelard and Heloise). Besides her compilation works, she attracted great attention with her clean and perfect use of the Turkish language in her translations.


SHORT STORY: Kötü Bir Yaratık (An Evil Creature, 1983), Ahşap Köşkün Hanımefendisi (Lady of the Wooden Mansion, 1991), Aşk Meleğinin İşleri (Deeds of the Angel of Love, 1998).

PLAY: Gılgamış (Gilgamesh, 1997).

COLLECTION: A’dan Z’ye Abidin Dino (Abidin Dino from A to Z, 2000).

In addition, she has translated some works by Joyce, Duncan and Shakespeare.


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