Zeki Demirkubuz

Senaryo Yazarı, Yönetmen, Yapımcı

01 Ekim, 1964
Istanbul University Faculty of Communication

Film director, scenarist, and producer. He was born on the 1st of October 1964 in Isparta. Upon completing his primary and secondary education in Isparta he settled to Istanbul. After continuing his high school education here for a while, he left school and started to work in factories and workshops. He was arrested during the 12 September (1980) period and served three years prison. During these years he became interested in literature and read many literary works including Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”, which had a significant impact on him. After his release he worked as a street vendor for some time in various towns of Anatolia. Later he decided to study again and graduated from high school. He entered Istanbul University’s Faculty of Communication.

He joined the cinematography sector in 1986 by being the assistant of the director Zeki Ökten. Until making in 1994 his first full-length film titled “C Blok” he worked as an assistant of various directors. Demirkubuz became known by international critics and audience with his second movie “Masumiyet” which was shown in the Venetian Film Festival. His third movie Üçüncü Sayfa was shown not only in some film festivals in Turkey but also in numerous film festivals in Europe including Locarno and Rotterdam Film Festivals. Yazgı (2001) and İtiraf (2001) were shown in the "Un Certain Regard" section of Cannes Film Festival in 2002. After Bekleme Odası (2003) in which he played the leading role he made Kader (2006) which told about the beginning story of Masumiyet.  Subsequently he directed Kıskanmak (2009) and Yeraltı (2012). Demirkubuz received with his first movie C Blok SİYAD’s Best Director and Best Movie awards (1995). His movies Masumiyet, Üçüncü Sayfa, İtiraf, Yazgı, Kader, Kıskanmak were awarded many times in various years, especially in Antalya Film Festival.


C Blok (1994), Masumiyet (1997), Üçüncü Sayfa (1999), İtiraf (2001), Yazgı (2001), Bekleme Odası (2003), Kader (2006), Kıskanmak (2009), Yeraltı (2012). 



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