Zekeriya Sertel

Gazeteci, Yazar

11 Mart, 1980
Columbia University Faculty of Journalism
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Mehmet Zekeriya Sertel

Journalist and writer (b. 1890, Ustramca / Macedonia – d. 11 March 1980, Paris / France). After he graduated from İstanbul School of Law, he studied sociology at Paris Sorbonne University. He went to the United States and graduated from Columbia University, Faculty of Journalism. When he returned to Turkey from the United States, he was appointed General Director of the Press. He was jailed due to his articles that appeared in the review Resimli Ay, which he published in İstanbul with his wife, Sabiha Sertel. Later on, he published Hayat Ansiklopedisi (Life Encyclopedia) with Faik Sabri Duran. He published the newspaper Tan and the review Görüşler.

He had to escape to Paris with his wife when the newspaper Tan was burned down by reactionaries protesting his articles (1950). He lived in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics for many years and after his wife’s death in Paris where he settled. He came to İstanbul by winning a court case against the Council of State then returned to Paris and shortly after he died.

He began his career as a journalist at the newspaper Rumeli that Yunus Nadi, also founder of Cumhuriyet, published in Thessalonica. Zekeriya Sertel wrote articles in Yeni Felsefe published in 1912, in Son Posta published in 1930 and in the newspapers Cumhuriyet and Vatan when he lived in İstanbul in his later years.


MEMOIR: Mavi Gözlü Dev (The Giant With Blue Eyes, memories of Nazım Hikmet, 1968), Hatırladıklarım (My Remembrances, 1968), Nazım Hikmet'in Son Yılları (The Last Years of Nazım Hikmet, 1979).

TRAVEL LITERATURE: Amerikan Biçimi Yaşam / 1969 -1979 Amerikan İzlenimleri (American Style Life / 1969-79 American Impressions, 1994).

RESEARCH: Olduğu Gibi / Rus Biçimi Sosyalizm (As Is/ Russian Model Socialism, 1999), Sertellerin Anılarında Nazım Hikmet ve Babıali (Nazım Hikmet and Babıali* in The Memories of the Sertel, 1999).



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