Vedat Nedim Tör

Bürokrat, Yazar

08 Nisan, 1985
Berlin University

Writer (b. 1897, İstanbul - d. 9 April 1985). He graduated from Galatasaray High School (1916). He completed his higher education at Berlin University. He did his PhD in economics (1912). After returning to Turkey, he worked as an administrator in various banks and institutions such as the General Directorate of Press and Publishing (1933-37), and the Directorate of Ankara Radio (1938-44).

What made Vedat Nedim Tör well known was the fact that he was one of the founders of the popular periodical Kadro, which he published with Şevket Süreyya Aydemir and Yakup Kadri with the aim of introducing and publishing official state ideology (1933-34). The other periodicals that he published were, Hep Bu Topraktan (1943), Doğan Kardeş and Sanat Dünyamız. He was one of the first people who encouraged polyphonic music to become widespread. His work called Kemalizmin Dramı (The Drama of Kemalism), which he published in his later years (1980), was met with interest.


PLAY: İşsizler (Unemployed People, 1924), Üç Kişi Arasında (Between Three Individuals, staged, 1927; published, 1938), Fevkalasriler (Above Modernism, 1928), Kör (Blind, 1928, published, 1935), Hayvan Fikir Yedi (The Animal Ate An Idea, 1929), Köksüzler (Those Without Roots, a serial in the periodical Varlık, (1937), İmranlı'nın İnsanları (The People of İmranlı, 1940, published, 1942), Değişen Adam (The Changing Man, 1941), Sanatkâr Aşkı (The Love of the Artist, 1945), Hep ve Hiç (Always and Never, 1951), Siyah Beyaz (Black and White, 1952), Aşağı Yukarı (Up and Down, 1952), Sahte Kahramanlar (Fake Heroes, 1975).

ESSAY: Dinimiz (Our Religion, 1940), Kemalizmin Dramı (The Drama of Kemalism, 1980).

MEMOIR: Yıllar Böyle Geçti (Years Have Passed Like This, 1976).

NOVEL: Resim Öğretmeni (Art Teacher, 1943).



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