Vecihe Daryal


09 Nisan, 1912
12 Kasım, 1970
Ça­pa Girls Teacher’s Training School

Musician, performer and composer (Born 9 April 1912, Beylerbe­yi / İstan­bul - Death 12 November 1970, Ankara).Her mother is Şâhende Hanım, her father is a religious scholar from Şirvan, Abdülmecid Daryal. She has six siblings. She received her first music education in primary school by taking “kanun” (T.N. a similar instrument to zither) lessons from Nazıra Hanım who is the niece of the composer Şevki Bey. Later she entered Darülelhan Musical Branch (Girls Teacher’s Training School) upon the suggestion of Nazire Hanım. She took lessons of kanun from Şeref Hanım and Muazzez Yurcu Hanım; Turkish music lessons from Mesut Cemil Bey, Ruşen Ferit Kam Bey, Sedat Öztoprak Bey, ReşatErerBey, Ahmet Irsoy Bey, Rauf Yekta Bey and İsmail Hakkı Bey.

After the closure of Darülelhan in 1926 she entered Ça­pa Girls Teacher’s Training School and graduated from there the same year. Afterwards she took piano lessons in the same place from Madam Heze and Edgar Manas for three years. She learnt solmization from Muhiddin Sadak, History of Western Music from Ekrem Besim Tektaş, and harmony from Cemal Reşid Rey. She is the most famous woman musical artist.

Vecihe Daryal’s art and concert career started in 1926 with her participation to the concert in Union Française Hall at Beyoğlu on behalf of Darul Elhan’s Oriental Music Branch. She worked as a kanun player in the radio channel Türk Telsiz Telefon Inc. which has started broadcasting in 1928 as the first radio channel of Turkey until the year 1938 with masters of music such as Mesud Cemil and Ruşen Kam. As the first radio of Istanbul moved from Eyüp to the Large Post Office at Beyoğlu in 1928, she was taken to the cadre with the title “Permanent Artist”. Subsequently, she passed to the Radio of Ankara and worked there until 1953. Then she settled to Istanbul, served in the Radio of Istanbul and in the Municipality Conservatory’s Performer Group and returned to the Radio of Ankara in 1966 again. In this way, she performed and taught for 44 years incessantly, participated to official concerts and examining boards. She joined concerts in Baghdad and Nicosia. In the year 1966 she returned again to the Radio of Ankara.

Vecihe Daryal married twice for short periods. Her second husband is. Dr. Halil Nadaroğlu, an academic member of Istanbul Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy. She has two daughters from each of her marriages.

Vecihe Daryal passed away on the 12th of November 1970 in Ankara after a diabetic coma. Her corpse was brought to Istanbul and inhumed on the 14th of November 1970 into Istanbul Merkez Efendi Cemetery… Daryal’s collection of notes was purchased by TRT Music Office and her library and other documents were inherited to Dicle University (December 1995). She was not closely involved with composition; however a song of her titled “Gül yüzün soldukça ömrümden siler her neşeyi” whose lyrics are written by Hikmet Münir Ebcioğlu and which is at “Nishaburek” maqam and an instrumental work are known



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