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Yazar, Şair

10 Haziran, 1984
Diğer İsimler
Mehmed Selim

Poet and writer (b. 1901, İstanbul – d. 10 June 1984, İstanbul). She is daughter of Mehmet Selim Bey who was a journalist at the time of Abdülhamid II. She grew up taking private lessons. She graduated from Erenköy High School for Girls. She studied at İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of History for a time and she earned his right to teach with an exam. Beginning in Edirne in 1924, she worked in various cities as a teacher. She was a teacher at Ankara Technical School for Girls when she retired in 1957. She wrote against the occupiers at armistice days.

She is known for her poetry even her first book was a novel and she published many novels as much as poetry. She was under the influence of the National Literature movement in her poems that she wrote in armistice days. She used national themes such as country, nation and love of flag like many poets of her time. She used syllabic meter and spoken Turkish in those poems and her later poems that she wrote on various subjects. She became one of the poets that were adopted as a master with her original poetry language and outstanding lyricism.

She published her poetry, short stories and other writings in prose mostly in the review Millî Mecmua and other reviews such as Çınaraltı, Aydabir and Kadınlar Dünyası. She took the “50th Service Year in Journalism Sign” of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1983. She was selected The Mother of Writers by Foundation of Study and Research of Woman’s Social Life because of the World Woman’s Year. She knew Arabian, Persian and English.


POETRY: Geceden Taşan Dertler (Sorrow Flooding Off Night, 1930), Yayla Türküsü (Song of the Plateau, 1943), Yurdumun Dört Bucağı (Every Place of My Country, 1950), Ellerim Bomboş (My Eyes Are Empty, 1967).

NOVEL: Küller (Ashes, 1921), Sisli Geceler (Misty Nights, 1922), Gülün Babası Kim (Who is the Father of Rose, 1933), Büyükanne (Grandmother, 1971), Aydınlık Kapı (The Bright Gate, 1974), Aşk ve Zafer (The Love and the Victory, 1978), Bir Devrin Romanı (Novel of an Age, 2004).

SHORT-STORY: Beyaz Selvi (The White Cypress, 1945).

LETTER: Hanım Mektupları (Lady Letters, 1923).

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Benim Küçük Dostlarım (My Little Friends, 1977).



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