Coşkun Aral

Gazeteci, Yazar

01 Mayıs, 1956
Istanbul University School of Foreign Languages French Department

Journalist, writer. He was born in Siirt on May 1st 1956. He graduated from Istanbul University School of Foreign Languages French Department. He began to work as a news photographer in Günaydın newspaper in 1974. He worked in various newspapers and news agents. Documentaries he directed were featured particularly in TRT and in many other TV channels. After 1980, he was known with his photos which he took as an international war jounalist in Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Ireland, Chad and Ireland.  He collected his impressions from many countries into a book. In 1986, he began to work as TV reporter for “32. Gün”.  He hosted a news-documentary program titled “Haberci”.


SHORT STORY: Ölümün Yakasına İliştirilmiş Yaşamlar (2004).

PHOTOGRAPH BOOK: Sözün Bittiği Yer (180 war photographs have been taken in 1982-97, 2000).

REFERENCE: Feza Kürkçüoğlu / Neftî Ölüm (Virgül, issue: 37, January 2001).



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