Cevdet Perin

Literature Researcher, Translator, Politician

10 November, 1994
Lyon University Faculty of Literature

Literary researcher and translator (b. 1914, Nevrekop / Bulgaria – d. 10 November 1994, İstanbul). After graduating from İstanbul Saint Benoit Private French High School (1932), he went to France and graduated from Lyon University, Faculty of Literature (1936). After working as a trainee in the same institution for one year, he returned to Turkey and taught French at İzmir High School for Boys for a time. He was appointed assistant professor to Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography in 1939. He served as an academician at İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, French Language and Literature from 1943 to 27 May 1960. Following his removal from the university under article 147 of the constitution after the Coup D’etat, he entered political life and was elected as a parliamentary deputy for Bursa (1961). After 1965, he was appointed as the Director of the Private High School of Journalism in Ankara. He retired from here in 1974.

Also translating some famous classical works from French into Turkish, Perin’s articles on various topics were published in journals and the reviews Ekspres, Tercüman, Hafta and Yeni Sabah.


Tanzimat Edebiyatında Fransız Tesiri (The French Effect on Tanzimat* Literature, 1946), Fransız Romantizmi (French Romanticism, 1949), Fransız Edebiyatı Tarihi (History of French Literature, 1950), Çağdaş Fransız Edebiyatı (Contemporary French Literature, 1951), Atatürk Kültür Devrimi (Atatürk’s Cultural Revolution, 1981).

In addition his translations were published.

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