Cem Hakko

İş İnsanı

Friburg University Science Economique et Sociale

Businessman. The CEO of Vakko Holding and Power Group. His father is the businessman Vitali Hakko. He was born in Istanbul in 1955. After he finished his primary education in Turkey, his family decided that he should continue his education abroad so that he would have the opportunity to know about different cultures. He attended to College du Leman in Geneva, Baccalaureat Economy in Strasbourg, Ecoles Des Hautes International in Paris and Friburg University Science Economique et Sociale in Switzerland.

In Fribourg University, in the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, he wrote the book titled “The Fact of Fashion” as his final dissertation. In his book, he examined the birth and development of fashion, and the social and economic factors that lead to the creation of fashion from a scientific point of view. He gave detailed examples in his work, which also examined the psycho-sociological aspects of the concept of fashion.

During his summer holidays in Turkey, thanks to his father Vitali Hakko’s encouragement, Cem Hakko started to spend more time in Vakko, and he returned to Istanbul in the beginning of 80’s for good. Hakko made a fast entry to his Vakko career, and his achievements came one after another. Being raised very closely engaged in sports since his young ages, Hakko professionally did skiing, sailing, windsurfing, rally, carting, Formula 3 and motocross sports. Especially in snow skiing, carting and rally, he won many rewards and championships both in Turkey and abroad. He also pioneered in making many different sports such as Formula 1 widespread in Turkey.

Setting off from the product range of Vakko, Cem Hakko founded Vakkorama, one of the young fashion brands of Turkey, in 1982. Considering his hobbies as an integral part of his business life, Hakko refused to see Vakkorama only as a fashion brand, and created a brand new lifestyle by integrating the brand with sports and music. He brought many big organizations such as Karadam, Class 1 World Offshore Championship and Turkey Sailing Races to Turkey.

A true music lover, Cem Hakko founded the Power Group, starting with Power FM with its first international broadcast in 1992. Continuing to extend his list of firsts, Hakko added Power Records, Power Türk, Power Türk TV, Power Club, Power Xl and Radyo Fenomen to Power Group.

Apart from his responsibilities for Vakko, Cem Hakko also have been actively involved in 12 different associations including the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association, Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK), Turkey Economic and Social Studies Foundation, Association of Professional Managers (YPO and WPO), Young Businessmen Association of Turkey, Istanbul Rotary Club, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Turkey Switzerland Association of Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association and Professional Union of Broadcasting Organizations (RATEM). Recognizing the importance of social responsibility projects in Vakko, he has supported several social responsibility projects including pioneering the aid group in the earthquake of 17th August 1999, “Take Your Friend’s Key” project of Power FM, the UNICEF project for Mother’s Day, broadcasting and warning support for “World Aids Day” of Power FM, “Quit Smoking” campaign for Power FM, “Yellow Wristbands For Tomorrow” project, School Grants project, Water Projects, “Do Not Drunk-Drive, Use a Taxi” project of Power FM and “Our Soil is Getting Lost! Lend a Hand” project.

Still established in Istanbul, Cem Hakko won many rewards and championships both in Turkey and in abroad in carting and rally. A founder member of the Formula 1 Association, Cem Hakko was also a member of Motor Sports and Organization Auditing Board. He has three children named Katia, Pia and Can. He can speak French and English as foreign languages.



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