Cem Boyner

Fotoğraf Sanatçısı, İş İnsanı, Siyasetçi

23 Eylül, 1955
Boğaziçi University Faculty of Management

Businessman, politician, photograph artist. He was born in Istanbul on September 23, 1955. After he completed his studies at Robert College, he graduated from Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Management in 1978. He married twice. In 1978, he was appointed CEO of Altinyildiz Holding, a family business. He served as the president of TÜSİAD (Turkish Association of Industrialists and Businessmen) between 1989 and 1990.

In the 1990s, Boyner was engaged in politics by leading the Yeni Demokrasi Hareketi , a liberal movement between 1994 and 1997.Yeni Demokrasi Hareketi, supporting liberal values such as open society, pluralism, free market, and freedom, was co-founded by Cem Boyner, as the leader, and by various industrialists, businessmen, writers, and academics such as Asaf Savaş Akat, Cengiz Çandar, Can Paker, Etyen Mahçupyan, Kemal Anadol, Mehmet Altan, and Kemal Derviş on December 22nd 1994. Although the movement received great support by the media, it failed in the General Elections of 1995 in spite of this interest. The party could only get 133.899 votes, with a 0.48% voting rate. Following this failure, by stating that he thought that the party had completed its mission, the General President Cem Boyner declared that he resigned from the party. After his resignation, Hüseyin Ergün was elected as the general president; however, the party was not able to continue its political existence, and abolishing itself in November 1997, the party joined the Peace Party.

After he quit politics, he was engaged in business life again intensely. Following in-group transformations, he changed the name of Çarşı Mağazaları to the Boyner brand name. He became the CEO of Boyner Holding and Beymen, and encompassed the Benetton brand in Turkey. He has tried to enter the world market by opening stores in other countries such as Egypt and Russia.

In addition to his success in business life, Cem Boyner is mostly mentioned with his hobbies. He has advanced his photography skills, which he took up in the high school years as an amateur. Right after he left politics in 1996, he developed a passion for underwater photography on his trip to Indonesia. When he returned to Turkey, he became a licensed diver. In 1999, he organized ‘Sualtı’, his first personal exhibition, with the photos he took underwater in Fethiye, Bodrum, Datça, the Philippines, the Red Sea, Maldives and Indonesia. In the following years, he continued to hold personal exhibitions. In 2005, he organized an exhibition titled 'Yakındaki Uzak/Uzaktaki Yakın' in Darphane-i Amire Buildings in Istanbul.

Apart from diving and photography, Boyner is also interested in kick-box and his children also have diving licenses. He has four children, three of whom are from his first wife Bilgün Sazak, and one of whom is from his second wife Ümit Boyner.

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık / Encyclopedia of Turkey’s Famous People (2013). 



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