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Seyyid Ali Celâlüddin

Poet and writer (B. 1756, Diyarbakir – D. December 20, 1822). His name is Seyyid Ali Celaleddin Pasha. He arrived to Diyarbakir from Kilis with his father Çeteci Abdullah Pasha. He received a fine madrasah education in Diyarbakir. In 1787, he went to Istanbul and started to work at Supreme Court Office. In 1798, he became the Divan scribe of Yusuf Ziya Pasha and Anatolian accountant in 1815. He was appointed to Niş as provincial treasurer in the same year. Because of his successful work, he was appointed as Niş guard in 1815. He was the governor of Vidin and Niğbolu in 1816, Edirne in 1818, Bosnia in 1820 and governor and seraskier of Rumelia in 1822. He died on the road from Travnik to Yenişehir.

Süreyya Bey tells us that the poet was sharp tongued and he did not get along well with his friends, therefore he did not get a promotion, that he respected the scholars, punished the bandits in Bosnia, and got sick and died in Bosnia. His poems were compiled in Divân-ı Celâl; and his essays were compiled in Münşeat-ı Celâl books, although both works were not published.

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