Canfeda Hatun


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Sipahis (cavalrymen) on the 26th of January 1593 and payments were done deficiently a revolt was coming into existence. The revolters demanded that Grand Vizier Siyavuş Pasha, Head of the Financial Department Emîr Pa­sha and chamberlain of the harem Canfedâ Hatun are delivered to them, but after long struggles the revolts were soothed thanks to the rigid attitude of the sultan and court.

Upon the death of Murat III (1595), the people of court except for Vâlide Sultan were transferred to the Old Palace due to tradition. Canfedâ Hatun who got older and lost influence also went with them to the Old Palace. In this period of her life, she devoted herself to assist the marriages of girls in the Old Palace. She was granted 100 coins service pay, four apartments and other allocations in the period of Mehmet III. When he heard that Canfedâ Hatun who was known with her generosity was hard up for money raised her service pay to 200 coins and yearly allocation to eight apartments.

Canfedâ Hatun has in and around Istanbul various benevolence works. She renovated a wrecked mosque near to Çukurbostan in Istanbul Karagümrük (Gümrükhane) district. Besides she built a public fountain near to Saraçhane and repaired another mosque across. It is known that she spent 2 million coins for this public fountain and mosque which are registered in 1594 with the poetry verse “Sâhib-i sebil ruhuna içip de Fâtiha”. 180 valuable serâser, satin and kemhâ clothes were distributed during the opening of the public fountain. Canfedâ Hatun also has other benevolence works in Bey­koz Akbaba and other places.

Canfedâ Hatun who was known as an astute and pious person benefited from her power from time to time and had influence on various events. Gelibolulu Ali who heavily criticizes all statesmen of the period speaks highly of Canfedâ Hatun. 



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