Ayşegül Dinçbaş

Ressam, Şair

04 Eylül, 1959
Public Administration Department of Anatolia University’s Faculty of Economics

Poet and painter. She was born on the 4thof September 1959 in Arpaçay / Kars. Beginning from her primary education years her skill of painting her family members, teachers and objects around was remarked and supported. Later painting became her indispensable passion. Since her father was a public officer and they regularly moved to various places her childhood and youth were spent in various places of Anatolia. She studied in Public Administration Department of Anatolia University’s Faculty of Economics.

AyşegülDinçbaş did some works of oil painting, wrote essays and columns, and realized artistic and decorative works. She opened her first and second exhibitions which consisted of her paintworks, in Edirne State Fine Arts Gallery in 1993 and 1995 due to her husband’s assignment there. She opened her third paint exhibition in 1998 in Bilecik State Fine Arts Gallery and her fourth exhibition of personal paintworks themed “Söğüt’teYaşayanOsmanlılar’’ in Söğüt Ethnographic Museum. Later an exhibition of her wandered fifteen cities including Istanbul (Sultanahmet), Tekirdağ, Kütahya, Yalova, Bursa, Kapadokya, Konya, Urfa and Bilecik. She lived in Girne town of Cyprus for a while.

Ayşegül Dinçbaş who participated to voluntary works in numerous non-governmental organizations is a member of Edirne Archery and Shooting Specialization Club, Edirne Families of Martyrs Fraternal Association, Edirne Association of Fans of Galatasaray, Bilecik Fraternal Association, Bilecik Turkish Press Association and ILESAM. Her book titled“AralasanHayatı”was published in Baku Azerbaijan with the title “SevdaDenizi”in Azerbaijani Turkish.

WORKS (Poetry):

Yürekİster (1997),AralasanHayatı (2007).

A Painting by Ayşegül Dinçbaş



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