Cağaloğlu Sinan Paşa

Kaptan-ı Derya (Donanma Komutanı), Osmanlı Sadrazamı

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Yusuf Sinan Paşa

Grand Vizier, Chief Admiral 17th century Ottoman period Diyarbekir governor (B. ? - D. 1605, Diyarbekir). His real name was Yusuf, and he was also known as Yusuf Sinan Pasha. He was the Grand Vizier for 40 days during Sultan Mehmed the Third and he was Ottoman Chief Admiral who was well known in sea battles. He was the son of a Venetian captain named Cigale (Cagal), was imprisoned and accepted into the Palace when he was a child. He was Armorer, Flag Master, Janissary Master; Governor in Diyarbakir, Budin, Van, Erzurum and Baghdad. He participated in Iran battles and became the Chief Admiral in 1589. Due to his achievement in Eğri (Egre) victory, he replaced Ibrahim Pasa and became the Grand Vizier (1595). His duty as a Diyarbekir governor lasted for one year (1589-1590).

Yusuf Sinan Pasha was discharged from being the Grand Vizier as his violent methods used for punishing run away soldiers which caused Celali bandits to be seen in Anatolia.  Lived in exile for a while, he became the Chief Admiral again after that appointed as a Commander in Chief in a war with Iran. Even though he was initiative and courageous and he could not succeeded in the war. His sorrow together with older age has caused him sickness so he became ill and died in Diyarbekir.

The district of Cağaloğlu, where the Palace is located in Istanbul, named after him. The famous Cağaloğlu Bath was made for his name and it remains from his time.

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