Cafer Gafar

Yazar, Şair


Crimean poet and writer (b. 1989, Tavdayır / Akmescit / Crimea - d. 1938). He entered to literature with his poem Duygularım (My Feelings) in 1921. The poet told about October Revolution in this poem and in his poem İnternastional Çalına (Play the International). He showed the social changes in the life of people with his poems Amansız Küreşte (In a Cruel Wrestling) and Eşitigiz! (We are Equal).

Cafer Gafar who also had the works in prose, wrote about actual issues. The most important qualification of the writer, who issued about the class difference between rich and poor, was psychological depth and pure language. Although his works for establishing and settling down of Bolshevism, he could not rescue from the persecution of Stalin in 1938. Even his grave is not known. 


POETRY: İnkılabi Şiirler (Revolutionary Poems, 1926).

OTHER WORKS: Ömürden Örnekler (Examples from Life, 1927),  Hikâyeler ve Şairler (Short Stories and Poets, 1933).


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