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23 Aralık, 2015
Naval Military Academy
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Saim Bülent Ulusu

Soldier, statesman and politician, prime minister. He was born in 1923 in Üsküdar/ Istanbul. His full name is Saim Bülent Ulusu. He worked as branch commissioner officer and head of department and performed various staff tasks at warships after graduating from Deniz Harp Okulu (T.N. Turkish Naval Academy) in 1941 with the rank of sub-lieutenant.  He graduated from Deniz Harp Akademisi (T.N. Naval Military Academy) in 1955 and ascended to the rank of staff officer. During his military life, he served in various warships and headquarters before achieving the rank of captain, and was promoted to rear admiral (lower half) in 1964. He served as the Head of Naval Forces Command Operations Department and deputy commander of mine fleet while he was rear admiral (lower half), and served as fleet commander as he was promoted to rear admiral (upper half) in 1967. He was promoted to vice admiral in 1970 and worked as Northern Sea Area Commander, Chief of Naval Forces Staff and Fleet Commander. After he was promoted to admiral in 1974, he worked as member of the Supreme Military Council and Undersecretary of Ministry of national Defense. He was appointed as Naval Forces Commander between the years 1977-80. In August 1980, he retired from the military.

Bülent Ulusu was not among the team that made the military intervention before 12 September (1980) because of the postponed “Flag Plan” (Bayrak Planı), which supposed to be executed on 11 July, however, he provided help to this team during the continuation of the coup.

The Revolutionists assigned retired Admiral Bülent Ulusu to form the 44th Government of the Republic of Turkey because they trusted him the most. Ulusu, who just newly retired, went to Ankara hurriedly, and on 21 September 1980, on the day he formed the government, he stated that he did not understand economics therefore asked for help from a bureaucrat that can handle the economic affairs. Although Turgut Özal thought that he will be arrested when he was invited to Çankaya Villa by Kenan Evren on the night of 20 September, he was appointed as vice prime minister surprisingly. Özal suggested Bülent Ulusu, who had not had any political experience, to appoint his close friend Kaya Erdem as Minister of Finance. After a little research done by the Military Council, Ürgüplü accepted the request of Turgut Özal and appointed Kaya Erdem as the Minister of Finance.

After a while, when the revolutionists gained more experience on governing the state, they appointed Adnan Başer Kafaoğlu as economic affairs consultant of Kenan Evren in early 1981 in order for not losing the control completely. When banker disasters increased in 1982, Bülent Ulusu called for the resignation of the Minister of Finance Kaya Erdem first, and then for the resignation of Turgut Özal. On 14 July 1982, Adnan Başer Kafaoğlu was appointed as the Minister of Finance.

Bülent Ulusu remained distant to the politics when the works for forming a political party started as a result of the decision made by the National Security Council in May of 1983. He was proposed as candidate from Nationalist Democracy Party that was formed by former Ambassador of Canada Turgut Sunalp upon the request of Turgut Sunalp and approval of Kenan Evren, and was supported by the soldiers and he was elected as Istanbul Deputy in 1983 and served the parliament until 1987.

Bülent Uslu having Turkish Armed Forces Medal of Distinguished Service, Tunisia Presidential Medal of Merit and the United States Medal of Distinguished Service is married with a child. 

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