Avni Anıl

Müzik Yazarı, Müzisyen, Yayıncı

23 Nisan, 1928
14 Haziran, 2008
Ankara Police Academy

Composer, music composer and publisher (B. 23 April 1928, Istanbul- D. 14 June 2008, Izmir). He is member of a family, which migrated from Bulgaria to Turkey. His music career started in Üsküdar Public House he attended at early ages. In 1942 he completed Paşakapısı Secondary School and continued his education in Haydarpaşa High School. He had to interrupt his education here for a while and started to take lessons in Üsküdar Musical Assocation in 1950. Here he acquired his basic knowledge about Turkish classical music and started his first composition attempts here. After passing a proficiency exam in 1966 he completed his high school education and later his education in Ankara Police Academy. He was assigned to Adana Police Department. After staying two years in this position he quit his profession as a policeman and started to work as a journalist. Between the years 1955-67 he worked as a redactor in the Istanbul Radio. At the same time his articles about Turkish music were published in newspapers and magazines such as Dünya, Akşam, Yelpaze and Radyo Alemi.

In 1967 he established Anıl Publishing Agency and published the journal titled Musiki ve Nota between the years 1967-72. In 1972 he started to work as Head of Musical Broadcasting at Izmir Radio. After he retired in 1982 he established Avni Anıl Publishing House in 1983 and started to publish the journal Musiki ve Nota again. Starting from 1990 he continued his service to his beloved Turkish music as a specialized artist within the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, General Directorate of Fine Arts. Until the year 1993 he participated to the foundation works of choirs in Elazığ, Diyarbakır, Samsun, Konya and Bursa. He has a documentary movie titled Musikimizden Portreler aside from his books. Besides he produced the radio programs called “Sazdan Söze” and “Dizelerden Ezgi Bahçesine”. He has been married to Mine Hanım since 45 years and they have two daughters and a son named Ezgi Anıl who is a violin virtuoso.


Anılar ve Belgelerle Musikimiz Sözlüğü (1981), Bestecilerimizden Ezgiler. 

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